10 kinds of selfies that you should never do

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Jul - 1 - 2015

Due to the unhealthy trend, doctors are earnestly planning to add to the list of dependencies another – dependent on selfie. Young people trying to make the most extreme, stupid and unique selfie sometimes passes all bounds of common sense.

Selfie in bathroom

If you do decide to do selfie in the bathroom, then at least make sure there is no one else

At the funeral

Dead people, so leave your phone at home or in the car

During Disasters

Congratulations, you survived, but somebody did not, it’s not the best time to show off

Teaching children how to make selfie

Please do not raise love for selfie since childhood. Teach your children to do something useful

Selfie on the background of his wife after childbirth

We understand that you are now the happy father, but your wife rips, she is not in the mood, and instead of doing selfie better learn how to hold the baby’s head

Sleeping selfie

People are well aware that if you did selfie, then you are not sleeping

Emotionally traumatized selfie

Better to leave it to yourself

Selfie while driving

It is dangerous not only for you but for all the rest

Selfie on earth

No, really, near the head of a girl is dog poop.

Extreme selfie

More and more news programs around the world, are talking about the tragic death of teenagers taking spectacular selfies. Usually all these stories have one end – death. Just do not do it.

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