10 of the most brutal female

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Oct - 29 - 2011

In the animal world there are females who can only shoot in thrillers. And if they were distributed human laws, then immediately after the birth of their worth to deny parental rights.

As it turned out, the lioness is affectionately only with their daughters. And of the sons, not only does not care, but also can stand by idly as an adult lion tearing their little cub. Male, thus getting rid of a potential rival, even if it is their son.

Clumsy big panda up to 100 kg are often themselves pressured their tiny babies weighing just 80 grams of -140. Sometimes this is because the tiny panda is often in search of a warm place crawl under mom.

Do ants Adetomirma the order of the partial cannibalism. They gnaw a hole in the newborn larva and while she is living her eat hemolymph.

Usually in a batch of female African black eagle two eggs, but always remains alive only one chick. Once the babies are born, among them began a bitter struggle for survival, to which the mother looks absolutely quiet.

Shark in the Galapagos Islands is a viviparous, and as soon as the shark pups appear, they push them in the shallows. And it’s not that it is easier to find food, and that as soon as the mother to offspring, they can also start hunting for their babies if they are caught in their path.

Black bear , do not hesitate to abandon to their fate a little teddy bear when he was born one. The mother will take care only of the litter, in which several cubs.

Mother- frog Darwin care of posterity exactly to the moment when the eggs will be delayed. Then all the burden falls on the males.

Vorobiha catches and kills the young of other females that mate with the father of her children. This is done in order to scampish sparrow cared only about her offspring.

And our distant ancestors – the female langurs (tonkosherstnyh monkeys) are not only engaged in kidnapping and murder of young companions on his flock, but also to ensure their own kids, if they do seem weak and exhausted.

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