10 unbelievable reasons for the death penalty

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Jun - 23 - 2011

A key question remains to what categories of crimes to apply it? In the course of world history, these factors could be completely different …

In medieval England was considered a serious crime to be with a foreigner. All citizens who expose an affair with representatives from other states,are accused of treason and executed by quartering. Moreover, the defendants could not do anything to help: they were simply denied the right to vote.

In ancient China, police could arrest any person who appeared suspicious to them. By the way,to cut his head in China was considered inhumane. Their criminal Chinese hung or forced to swallow needles.

During the Inquisition guilty ones were burned at the stake . This applies not only to individuals but also books and letters, which were held over the show trials with a jury and witnesses. By the way, in connection with the devil they never judged women who weigh more than 50kg. It is believed that 50 kg – the maximum weight that the broom can hold, and without this vehicle witch, of course, can not possibly get on the Sabbath.

In the philosophical writings , which questioned the existence of God, it was possible to get to the rack or subjected to a terrible death by drilling teeth. Yes, the first drill (of course, primitive types) was invented precisely at the time of the medieval Inquisition.

In medieval Florence offenders for life recorded in the nobility . In the days of the republic had only the rights of commoners and nobles had to be pretty bad.

In England, it was possible to get the death penalty for making gold from base metals.

In ancient Greece – for stealing vegetables from public plantations.

Looting the public treasury . For this death was judged not only on the West and in Russia.

Links . Since settling in Siberia began to expel not only there, but from there. Odoyevski exile, for example, died in the terrible climate of Sochi, from which even the houses were scattered in two or three years .

The Persian law on beer . For cooking, bad beer in Persia you could be drowned in it, or drink it until death.

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