12 things that they lied in the “Back to the Future 2″

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Oct - 21 - 2015

The cult film “Back to the Future 2″ is a true masterpiece, the number of fans over time has only increased. Once we saw it and were not even aware how we are deceiving .. Traveling into the future, Marty was in 2015 , was packed with an abundance of fantastic devices. Where is all Marty?

We were shown self-lacing sneakers Nike Powerlaces

In 2012, Nike released a replica of these sneakers, and in 2014 they promised to release a fully functional version.

We were promised a hydrator that turns little pizza into a great one

Remember how you dreamed to get a pizza out of your pocket, put it in the oven, and that it turned into a huge in just a few seconds? Unfortunately, to this date, have been invented only dehydrators that eliminate moisture food from

They promised us a hoverboard

Although there is very real hoverboard, hovering in a couple of centimeters from the ground, but it’s just a prototype , besides, it can not fly over the water

Auto-adjusting and auto-drying jacket

We do not even know would it be useful to us, because none of would be wet in a thick winter jacket. However, this does not prevent us to get angry because it does not exist

They predicted that in the future everyone will enjoy faxing

It is outdated

They lied to us about the decorative channel

This is probably one of the wildest bull. No, it’s not because we want to look stupid decorative channel, we just do not want to look at the sad reality behind the window.

They lied to us about the door locks in homes, recognizing fingerprints

It seemed to be a fairly simple task, because even an IPhone has that function.

They lied about the phone glasses

And this thing is very similar to Google Glass: in them we had to look unbearably cool, but not as complete idiots

They also deceived us with droids, walking your dog

Of course you can pay the person to walk your pet, but it will cost so much that the Chinese would assemble 10 of these droids for the same price, unfortunately, they have not yet invented ..

They promised us a robotic gas station

Now there is no one at the pump or have any regular poor fellow, whose help makes you rush in doubt whether to give him a tip, or not. Let’s already produce robots, we are tired to wrestle on this occasion!

They also promised us a plate with fruits and vegetables on the ceiling of our kitchen

Imagine how it would be great, and, in general, the possibility is always cool

And of course, no flying cars in the neighborhood

We just looked out the window and there are still no flying cars

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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