3D plasma television or 3D LCD HDTV. Which is better?

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Feb - 8 - 2011

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To understand how 3D TVs works. We might figure out how 3D works, we need to find out how it is when people look at three dimensions. We have 2 eyes a left and a right eye. If you took a finger and put it close to your face and you look through your left eye and through your right eye. You may see a vastly different object. If you move the object farther away and repeat the exercise. You can still see the difference between the two, but not as much as it was. This practice explains why you see 3D objects when its close to you and how the effect slowly goes away as the objects move further away.

Their our two different light sources inside the movie-theater, 2 different polarize on 2 different projectors. one for the right eye and 1 for the left eye. So as long as you have a pair of eye-wear which have the same polarity as the left and the right, then were ensured that the left image goes to the left eye and the right image goes to the right eye.

When you buy TV, it only has a simply single light source. So you’ll have to create a right picture and a left picture in 2 various ways. We do this in a frame sequence kind of way. The projection image produces. What we have to do though for it to synchronize with our eyes is we have to use a pair of glasses that is synchronize to the television. So the television will tell the eye-wear… I’m showing you the right image. So therefore the lens of the left side of the eye-wear will become transparent, the right lens will be going dark. So therefore the left image is being seen by the left eye. The reason why you may not notice the flashing is because its done really fast (usually over 100 times a second).

When it comes to LCD HDTV or plasma television there is bad wrong with neither of them in respects to 3D TVS. The difference between plasma and LCD HD TV and that difference is basically how they produce light.

For LCD HDTV they have to refresh their picture very quickly. LCD TVs light source works in a way like little gates that open and close to let the light source in it. It takes sometime for those tiny LCD molecules to change their state, This may cause a problem when the right eye sees part of the left image and the left eye sees part of the right image.

When it comes to plasma television. Your producing frame sequential images. A right then a left. A plasma television starts with a pixel that makes its image, then erases it and then produces the next one. So when these TVs create a right, left, right, left picture, There’s a small chance of getting distortion between the left and right image.

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