4 cities in which is against the law to die

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Mar - 18 - 2012

Believe it or not there are 4 cities in the world in which is against the law to die.

Itsukushima – Japan

Japanese island of Itsukushima is a sacred place. Thus, in an attempt to preserve the purity of the island, the priests persuaded the government to pass a law, which is prohibited on the islands to die. From 1878 on the islands is prohibited not only death but also birth. Pregnant women and the elderly are allowed to visit the island when there is a certificate that the former do not give birth during the period of visiting the island, while the latter did not die on the island. On the island only once blood was shed, it happened during the Battle of Miyajima in 1555, after which won orders to clear the island from the body and the whole “defiled” the blood of the earth thrown into the sea.

Longyearbyen – Norway

In the Arctic town of Longyearbyen, Svalbard Islands, Norway also has a similar ban. Death is forbidden. The city still has a small cemetery, but it is no longer accepting new burials for more than 70 years ago. The reason for the ban – the bodies of the dead will never decompose. It was found that the bodies buried in Longyearbyen, in fact,are perfectly preserved in the permafrost. The scientists were even able to separate the tissue from the man who died there in the early 20th century and found traces of intact influenza virus, from which he died in 1917. And those people who are seriously ill or dying,are sent to the aircraft or ship to other cities in Norway .

Falciano del Massico – Italy

In Falciano del Massico, a small town in southern Italy, people can not die, it’s not because of environmental or religious beliefs, but simply because there is no space for the dead in cemeteries. The mayor issued an order, in which he stated that “people are prohibited to go beyond the limits of earthly life, and go into another world in the town.” In parallel, the mayor decided to build a new cemetery, but until then, people are told to “refrain from death. ”

Sarpourenx – France

Decree forbidding people to die, was also released by mayor in Sarpourenx, a picturesque village in the south-west France. This decision was made ​​after a French court refused to permit the expansion of existing municipal cemeteries. But Mayor Gerard Lalanne overdid things a bit, he not only forbade the death, but according to his order, all who dare to die will be severely punished. However, the penalties in this Ordinance have not been described.

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