7 incredible sights in Japan, which has not yet been discovered by tourists

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Oct - 9 - 2015

Japan, like many tourists because of its unique indigenous culture and popular attractions such as Mount Fuji, Tokyo and Kyoto, is full of amazing shrines and temples. But in Japan, there are many more interesting places than just these.

Narai Juku, Japan.
This small, quiet town in Nagano Prefecture, which is located in the west of Tokyo, is the ideal place to visit if you want to see Japan as it was centuries ago. Wooden houses of the city is very well preserved and landscapes are simply gorgeous.

Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel
This is a huge underground channel in Saitama, about 30 kilometers north of Tokyo. It was built to divert the flood waters during the rainy season and typhoons. Here there is almost six kilometers of tunnels, which are located 50 meters under the ground level. Tours here are free.

Rain Forest, which is located on the island of Yakushima, off the southern tip of Kyushu, in the south-east of Japan – is a unique ecosystem that is incredibly diverse. Yakushima boasts 1900 species and subspecies of flora, 150 species of birds and 16 species of mammals. It is the birthplace of the ancient Sugi – Japanese cedar – and also is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. One step in the forest, and you will feel like you have entered into a real fairy tale.

Sushi at Tsukiji market.
Instead of having to visit a Tokyo restaurants better to visit the best tourist restaurants near the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. These institutions offer a good quality fish at lower prices. Guests can just walk up to the bar, put on plate anything that looks appetizing, and then eat.

Takaragava Okenkaku onsen.
Japan is known for its onsen – public baths, located around numerous hot springs of the country. Rotenburo is similar to onsen, but the baths have open-air directly from the hot springs, and are usually part of a larger traditional Japanese inn and spa. Takaragava onsen Okenkaku in Minakami-machi is stunning and luxurious hotel, situated in the lap of nature.

There is a whole etiquette for visiting onsen (eg, bathers should be naked and bathe in the baths).

Rice Terraces
Although the rice terraces are more frequently associated with Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Bali, they exist in Japan. Rice fields in Japan are to take a trip into the countryside on foot or by bike through the fields.

Mount Takao and beer.
Like the beer garden here, as at the buffet, you can eat and drink as much as necessary. The place is located on top of Mount Takao, which is part of the National Park Meiji Mori Takao. This is a great place to enjoy a beer, and great views of Tokyo.

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