A carpenter with no hands

Nov - 24 - 2011

The phrase “golden hands” is very suitable for a carpenter from the city of Addis Ababa, although he is not the master of his hands. Sintaehu Tishale uses his legs in order to cope with carpentry tools.

42-year-old carpenter from Ethiopia since childhood suffered limb deformities caused by polio. His hands have practically no effect, and he challenged himself and others, choosing a profession of carpenter. Sintaehu Tishale decided to use his legs, and has trained so that it became a real celebrity in his town.

He very cleverly wielded his feet, masterfully manipulating with a hammer, a saw and a lathe and turning pieces of wood into furniture. Despite his limited mobility, skilled craftsman has tools with incredible accuracy and can work with dangerous machinery with his feet. “When I was young, I loved working in the garden with my feet. Later, I began to fix the little things and practiced sharpening knives. I have found in practice that I can, and made sure that my legs are working, as the hands, “- said the carpenter.

But all was not as smooth in his life, family, not very much appreciated Sintaehu, and forced him to go on begging for alms and Ethiopia, it all changed 20 years ago when he met his wife, it was she who helped him understand who he is in life. She bore him five children and helped to make his own workshop. The fate of this remarkable man once again emphasizes that the important thing is not to lose the will to live, because in most developed countries, people with disabilities have much more opportunities, but not everyone take advantage of that.

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