A Chinese man has built a flying saucer

Sep - 1 - 2011

A former farmer from Wuhan Shu Manshen with no special education in mechanical or electrical engineering,has built a flying saucer.

Nevertheless, Shu Manshen is a self-taught talent. For a time he worked as a mechanic in the garage he was drawn to the path of innovation.

His first project was the construction of the aircraft – the so-called flying saucer.

Shu experimenting with its design, working on the project for several years.
In the photo: Chinese Kulibin – former farmer Shu Manshen demonstrates to one of the photographers electronic circuit boards, which are used for his aircraft.

Of course, success did not come immediately. Xu completed his first flying saucer on 30 April last year, but the second test flight ended in injury to his inventor.

Then the master did not despair, thinking that the main task is done – its aircraft managed to get off the ground.Since then he has put all his knowledge, effort and money in the amount of 60 000 yuan ($ 9400) in the construction of a new machine.

His flying saucer is powered by eight engines of the motorcycle and the propeller on top.

This time, Chinese farmers were to rise to a height of 2 meters, sitting in the cockpit of the aircraft.

Now the 46-year-old inventor plans to make regular improvements in flying saucers and open a school for children who share his passion for aviation, because schools do not teach the necessary discipline.

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