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Sep - 19 - 2011

Good all times of the day! As kids we all loved watching magic tricks, for example, I do not deny the viewing of such events now. I hope you also suggest some of the most unusual and most famous tricks, when you view that the question arises – how is it done?

Cutting circular saw

The most popular variant of this focus has been executed and called David Copperfield Death Saw. In view of the magician is well fixed to the platform with numerous clamps and handcuffs, and above it hangs a huge circular saw with a clockwork mechanism. After this, the incision is closed special boxes, in order not to injure the impressionable audience, and saw calm down, visually passing through the body of David. After the two halves of the platform apart, and viewers can see two “polufokusnika.” As soon as the audience would consider it a spectacle, half of the combined platform, the saw is in the opposite direction, and sound box opens magician appears before the eyes of astonished spectators. How is this done?

Freeze in ice for 60 hours

November 27, 2000 notorious showman David Blaine performed a representation called “Frozen in Time”, which was shown on television. In the course of this action is easily dressed magician has been concluded in an indoor ice-block area in New York. It was evident that he was trembling from the cold even before it was closed block. Fresh air and water in the unit acted through a tube, through another tube deduced urine. David stayed in the icy prison 63 hours, 42 minutes and 15 seconds, after which he was removed from the block. Block, incidentally, was completely transparent and everyone could see what was happening inside and looks like frozen. After his release, David looked stunned and disorientated in time and space – doctors immediately took him to hospital. David himself said after he was able to walk normally until a month after this presentation, and more is not going to repeat it.
In January 2010 the record was beaten Blaine Israeli entertainer Hetsi Dayan, who stayed in the ice box 64 hours.

Blackthorne – Sword swallow

A dangerous occupation, which should be long and hard to learn. But what if you have to swallow a massive drill work? Thomas Blackthorne could do it. During one of his television ideas he put his long drill themselves into the gorge, and after removing the dangerous object with no visible injury was still alive I do not know how well you can do, except that if before that insert themselves into the throat protective tube, because the sharp edges of the rotating at high speed drills – this is a very dangerous object to any part of our body.

How to catch a bullet?

One of the most common tricks – catching bullets, during which one person shoots at another, and that “catches” the bullet mouth, after which it remains alive. Shooting is generally known and experienced shooter, and bullet marked one of the spectators some special unique label. Great importance is attached to that shooting and the bullet catcher is not in contact with each other, which devised different mechanisms to draw the line on the floor and so on. The most unusual modification of this focus was presented by magicians Penn and on behalf of the Teller, who fired at each other from a gun with a laser sight, and both caught the flying bullets in them.

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