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Jul - 20 - 2011

You might think that you have read enough articles about strange inventions, like … As soon as there is the next portion of devices invented to simplify our lives …

Ardent fingers for piano
The device came about in the early twentieth century. From one look at it you shiver. According to one source, “Robert Schumann always scoffed at his right hand and ended his career after using one of the earlier versions of this device.

The first GPS-navigator
Must be they have been “Hand pointer route” in 1927. This is the first wrist device for navigating results in children’s delight. Yes, and you’ll probably want to have it in 5 years. Insert the replacement card in the index path and you’ll never get lost – even if all the satellite system will fail.

“Brainizord” – a robot, clambering on the glass
Perhaps there is no reason for the existence of the robot, but viewers get aesthetic pleasure from observing the way he climbs up on the glass.

Fish bubbles and head-room safe
Fish bubble is placed in a glass flask and pretentious with special handles, like a syringe . Why? It is not known.
Hide the values ​​within a head of cabbage – a great idea. But only if you are not hungry vegetarian:)

Paper Gramophone
It works. It plays records. Everything is as it should be.

Breast relaxation
If you had a tough day – do not strain. This little toy to relieve stress will help you relax.

Industrial model of a steam faloimitator Heavy Duty, 1891
… rejected by the U.S. Patent Office in the same year. And thank God!

Appliances Transparent
You can not look away from the dirty dishes? See how they become pure … Watch as the drum rotates …

This is a product of “National Electronics”. Of course, – in Japan. As a bonus, you can see how transparent toaster toasts the next piece of bread.

And with this thing on fresh toast you can play tic-tac-toe.

The best solution for the kitchen in the style of hi-tech
magnetic spice containers with a “zero gravity”:

Other examples of human ingenuity:

Sound detector
Designed to determine the lost and wandering souls created by their electric fields. Device has its own hair(!) Ears and throat. With their device produces sounds hoarse. However, within days of his only audible noise. Oh, and you can rotate the at least one handle.

The device display of the process he shows the process. Any process

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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