Amazing and unusual plants

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Jul - 13 - 2011

Bleeding fungus

Mushrooms in the science of his allegedly not afraid to call and Gidnellum Peck. He looks like a gum, which oozes out of blood. Sinner, of course. Or trait. Optimists are imagining strawberry ice cream, and superstitious – the devil’s teeth. Meet the bleeding mushroom in North America or Europe. The red “blood” contains pigment, which has anticoagulant properties, like heparin. “Blood” appears only on the young fruit bodies.

Flower – bat

Tacca is grown in gardens and window sills. The size of the flower-vampire reaches 30 centimeters, and the seeds are 2-3 dollars for things. Watering should be abundant, but not blood, not once as cling.

Doll’s Eyes

Something like the plants that occur in astronauts hospitable alien booths. But they are very poisonous.The puppet little eyes contains a toxin that weakens the heart muscle, up to a cardiac arrest. But only in humans, and for the black crows these lovely berries are harmless.

Mushroom – starfish

Acero Rubria, it is the “mushroom – starfish” or “mushroom octopus” and it like smells abandoned toilets at the bus station and looks like a ferocious beast. Lives in Australia.The flies spread the spores on their feet around the green continent.

Devil’s Claw

This is devil’s claw, its ripe fruit. Has a very specific form. Like thistle, clings to clothing. In the Arizona desert Indians weave baskets from the Devil’s clutches and defend against imaginary enemies, after smoking a peace pipe with them.

Tomato – porcupine

Solanum Pirakanton originally from Madagascar, an island of miracles, which are sometimes called “little Australia”. Tomato-porcupine belongs to the same nightshade family as our favorite tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants. For people orange thorns are deadly – because they have a terrible nerve poison stronger than that of belladonna. So at night in unfamiliar places people of Madagascar are trying not to walk.

Apple rust and cedar

This is a fungus that parasitizes decent peaceful trees, apple tree, cedar and juniper. The fungus produces galls in diameter from 5 mm to 5 cm in the spring and from the galls grow up “horns” with the spores. Breeze carries the spores to a distance of several kilometers around the affected trees with rust.

Hand of Buddha

Exotic and very fragrant citrus fruit, popular in China and Japan.In the Buddhist pagodas fruits are used for sacrifices.

Chinese mountaineer – a person or grass?

Chinese use the plant in its mysterious traditional medicine to treat kidney, strengthen bones, hair restoration, as well as a mild diuretic. They say that it is concentrated life energy “Qi.

Different plants are obscene, similar to …

Americans call this a subspecies of pepper, “Chilly Willy”.It grows only in Texas and Louisiana.

Another fun gift from nature,a fungus Veselka.

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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