Amazing Icebergs

Jul - 28 - 2011

Icebergs – a block of ice split off from the ice sheets and ice shelves. Most of the icebergs formed by cleavage. Age of icebergs may reach hundreds of thousands of years. Some icebergs are formed due to solid precipitation that falls for years to come and lie on the surface of snow crystals billion, which, like a mirror to reflect sunlight. Others are formed from frozen water. In the thickness of ice contains a lot of air bubbles. Beautiful blue stripes that decorate the surface of some of the icebergs, are the result of re-freezing of melt water, which has already filled all of the old fracture of the iceberg. The icy surface absorbs sunlight, reflecting the blue waves. Magnificent blue icebergs change the color saturation and hue depending on the angle of the sun.

Lightning hits the iceberg. (Sony PSP Wallpaper)

Two killer whales swim Alaskan fjord. (Rennett Stowe)

Glacier Perito Moreno. Perito Moreno – the most beautiful, most interesting and, as a consequence – the most visited by tourists glacier in Argentina . This is another wonderful place where “born” icebergs. The photo shows the iceberg against the black of the mountains. (Ana_Cotta)

The river flows from under the glacier. Thick ice cap, which can be seen in the background image, is illuminated by sunlight. (Matthew Hoelscher)

Glacier Briksdaylbreen, Norway . Glacier Briksdaylbreen part of the western part of the national park “Yostedalsbreen.” Yostedalsbreen – the largest continental glacier in Europe. (Vicrogo)

Antarctica – a wonderful place, inhabited by penguins . (Angell Williams)

Iceberg broke off from the glacier Perito Moreno. (Christof Berger)

Transparent iceberg, located in the Gulf of Biskoshia. (Mark Sykes)

Iceberg with a layer of blue ice. (Jeff McNeill)

Iceberg with blue ice layers. (Jeff McNeill)

Icebergs off the coast of Patagonia . (Ana_Cotta)

Icebergs break off from the glacier Perito Moreno. (Matthew Hoelscher)

An array of the iceberg, covered with blue stripes. (Jeff McNeill)

“Marble” iceberg. (Jeff McNeill)

Polar bear, walking on an iceberg, near the island of Spitsbergen. (Hannes Grobe)

Iceberg Steve Irwin. (John (guano))

Iceberg in Greenland . (Jerzy Strzelecki)

Iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. (Natalie Lucier)

Frozen wave of the tide. (Hoax Slayer)

Melting Greenland iceberg blue. (HD Wallpaper)

Iceberg stranded Tracy Arm, Alaska. (Jessica Spengler)

Icebergs off the coast of Thule in Greenland. (Drew Avery)

Blue Iceberg and Adelie penguins. This iceberg is made up of blue ice, indicating that he broke from deep and ancient parts of the ice cap of Antarctica. This photo was taken in the northern part of the Weddell Sea in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica during the expedition ANT-VIII / 3, from the deck of the German research vessel «POLARSTERN». (Hannes Grobe)

Iceberg in the background, Fjord, Denmark. (Rita Willaert)

Iceberg. (Chadica)

Flat blue iceberg. (Michael clarke stuff)

Icebergs in the dirty divorce. (SwissEduc)

Seal on an iceberg, Alaska. (Alan Vernon)

Arch, formed in the interior of the iceberg. This is an iceberg in the Strait between Cape Saunders and Lango, south Apernavika, Greenland. (Kim Hansen)

Icebergs on Lake Yokulsarlon, Iceland. (Chris (Molechaser)

Blue iceberg in the Antarctic Circle. (Antarktika)

A small blue and large white iceberg iceberg. (Michael clarke stuff)

Penguins. (Angell Williams)

Icebergs in Iceland. (Batintherain)

The cave in the thick blue iceberg in Argentina. (Pululante)

Tunnel in an iceberg Perito Moreno. (Roger Schultz)

Iceberg, located near the Cape York Peninsula, Greenland. All icebergs are beautiful in their own way and convey the incredible variety of forms. Opening of the iceberg, depicted in the photo, was formed as a result of the impact of the environment – wind, thawing and washing by the sea waves. (Mila Zinkova)

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