Amazing rock formations from around the world

Nov - 21 - 2011

Rock formations from around the world created by nature with elements such as heat, wind, rain and erosion. Nature is very patient artist, because the creation of these masterpieces it sometimes took more than a million years, and the palette is composed of the hardest materials. Summary of the most incredible natural rock formations on the planet.

Balancing Rock, Garden of the Gods, Colorado

Gibson Steps (12 Apostles), Okin Great Road, Australia

Koh Tepu, Thailand

Mountain Formation Bisti, New Mexico

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Flute Cave cane, Guangxi Province, China

Arches National Park, Utah

Torghatten, Norway

El Torcal de Antequera, Spain

Stone Forest National Park, Yunnan, China

Meteora, Greece

Limestone formation Mushroom and Chicken, White Desert, Egypt

the Sahara Desert, Tassili-n’Azhzher, Algeria

trail the Giants, Ireland

Mono Lake, California

Broken Apple Kaytariteri

The blue box in the Gulf, Gozo, Malta

Arbol de Piedra, Salar de Uni, Bolivia

Marble devil, Australia

Bay of Fundy, Canada

Painted Rocks, Tasmania

Isalo National Park, Madagascar

Cappadocia, Turkey

Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

Mountain Formation, Namibia

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12 Responses so far.

  1. azzam says:

    awesome rocks,,,,,,,,

  2. Iwon't tellmynametoamachine says:

    Weird Formations =) You missed the “Lange Anna” though.

  3. Sonia Rumzi says:

    Stunning! thanks for collecting and showing them!

  4. jharp says:

    Cool. Thanks for posting.

  5. John Patrick says:

    Wow! I visited Mono Lake a few weeks ago and it was amazing. But all these other formations are truly spectacular as well.

  6. Jimbo! says:

    FWIW, #1 is actually called “Balanced Rock”. Sorry to nit pick.

  7. k2 says:

    From my travels in Norway, here are a couple other interesting rock formations:
    Svolvaergeita (The Svolvaer Goat)
    Prekestolen (Pulpit Rock)

  8. Thanks. These are the reasons that UFOs stop by. Galacto-Eco-Tourism!

  9. Dorothy Eaton says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful pictures they arewonderful!!!

  10. beirut says:

    You forgot the pigeon rocks in Beirut!

  11. pdrew says:

    beautiful photos… thank you for sharing them… see also the Flower Pot Islands, Georgian Bay, ON Canada.

  12. Jason Scott says:

    The trail of the giants rock formation almost looks like it was man made.

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