American thunderstorms on the images of Chad Cowan

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Mar - 22 - 2011

Did you know that the U.S. has a peculiar and unique in its kind of fun – the hunt for tornadoes? In the high season (May, June, July) daredevils are sent in pursuit of the deadly element. For some particularly brave it becomes a lifestyle. The main task – to drive up to the tornado as close as possible and shoot him at point blank range. One of these brave, brave guy named Chad Cowan (Chad Cowan), whose images of weather you will see in this release.

In this photograph lightning strikes from a strong cumulonimbus clouds. Chad Cowan, author of the picture, said he managed to shoot the very same storm, during which in South Dakota last summer had the largest hailstone. Chad Cowan hopes that the images of this storm will win the contest National Geographic Exceptional Experiences. While he was one of six finalists.

Photographer Chad Cowan specializes in photographing thunderstorms and tornadoes. He said: “The radar on my laptop showed that the impending storm is just monstrous. I even felt like something out of sorts from the fact that it was necessary to dive into this storm, because I’ve seen – all signs of a “perfect storm” was evident. A cloud in the sky looked like a “mushroom” of a nuclear explosion. ”

Chad Cowan continues his story: “We approached the storm, even though I have everything inside was broken when the skies clear picture emerged of the monster. Which I have never seen, so all I could say was: “Wow.” In the end, I was a little recovered himself and pulled out the camera. Check the settings, I leaned down and took the first shot that day. ”

“On that day, 23 July 2010 at South Dakota monstrous storm dropped the biggest hailstone. The diameter of the ice block was 20.3 cm and weighed almost 900 grams of it. To make it easier to imagine this size, I would say that the bowling ball has a diameter of about 21 cm.

Vivian township in South Dakota.

This 26-year-old photographer, whom you see in the picture, became fascinated thunderstorms, when he was still a teenager, and since then chasing bad weather across the United States. Sometimes he even organizes tours for lovers of thunderstorms.

In the gallery of the best shots of Chad Cowan, made in 2010, sealed picture awesome power of nature.

The horse is looking at a storm in northeastern Colorado .

City Goodland, Sherman County, Kansas.

Storm clouds over Ituno in Saskatchewan in Canada.

Lightning over the residential area of ​​the city of Lawrence, Kansas.

Wray, Colorado.

Thunderstorm over the town of Montevideo, Minnesota.

Stormy sky over the Canadian prairies in Manitoba.

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