An elderly Brazilian 23 years sleeps in a coffin

Sep - 6 - 2011

Every Friday for the past 23 years, an elderly Brazilian Zelia Rossi from the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, not go to sleep in a soft bed, but in a real coffin.

61-year-old Brazilian Zelia Ferreira Rossi every Friday sleeps in a coffin in memory of friend and doing it for over 23 years.

Even in childhood, they promised each other that whoever dies first, will be buried in a coffin, which buys for him who would survive. Rossi’s friend bought him a coffin in 1983, when he thought that Rossi crashed in a road accident.

In fact, it so happened that the first to die was his friend – in 1988. After this, Rossi started to sleep in a coffin bought for him in memory of their friendship.

Rossi does not slees in a coffin every day, but only on Fridays.

According to himself Zepi Rossi, has the ability to heal people.

In the photo, one of the locals came to Rossi with a request to home to heal him.

The unusual habit of sleeping in a coffin would have remained a mystery for all, if a 14-year-old grandson of Rossi, who wrote a story about his grandfather in the school newspaper.

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