Animals and their babies

May - 6 - 2011

Mothers and their pups. They convey an unforgettable atmosphere of tenderness, care and love between mother and her child.

Trunk to trunk.
In the zoo, Oklahoma recently born baby elephant. He does not depart from his mother, 16-year-old Asian elephant.

Morning walk.
Goslings follow a goose during a walk, Buffalo.

Hug Mama-bear.
Little Polar Bear clung to the adult bear, Nuremberg Zoo, Germany.

Caring for posterity.
North-Scottish cow and her calf in a pasture in Bozmene, USA.

Double trouble.
The Kamchatka brown bear named Mary and her little offspring of Vanya and Misha in the Hamburg Zoo in Germany.

Love for children.
An adult gorilla, Dayan, holding her baby, nicknamed Kvembo, at the zoo in Frankfurt, Germany.

Time to eat.
Adult sheep fed a little lamb, which is not even a week old, Clinton County, USA.

Adult member of the family lemurs with his baby at the zoo the Polish city of Chorzow.

Well, Fidget!
Bears frolic in the water next to his mother, Nuremberg Zoo, Germany.

Maternal love.
Little Rhino clung to her mother, the zoo in St. Louis.

Cub orangutan clings tenaciously for his mother, Indonesia.

Baby on board.
Cub Chinese pangolin rolls on mom’s tail, Thailand.

Enjoying a sunny day.
A family of giraffes in the zoo in Munich, Germany.

Vicki, an adult killer whale, swims with the baby in the largest marine zoo in Europe, which is located on the French Riviera.

Manifestation of love.
The mother licks the newly born calves on a ranch in Oklahoma.

On a walk.
Binta Lioness walks with her baby at a zoo in Hannover, Germany.

How am I comfortable!
Small wild Canadian gosling well settled in a thick plumage of her mom at the lake in Rozeburge, Germany. A pair of Canadian geese are very loyal to each other and stay together for life.

Kid jaguar plays with his mother in a zoo, Managua, Nicaragua.

In my mother’s bag.
A small kangaroo, Albert got a bite of a cozy mom’s handbag in a zoological park Marl, Germany.

Lambs for a jog.
Little lamb, who was released to graze on the field for the first time, happily frolicking in the grass on an English farm. Three thousand lambs are born on this farm every year.

The life of a wild boar.
Small hog stands next to his mother in a German zoo. After 3-4 months an interesting striped coloring kid to change on an even brown color.

Sweet dream.
Six-day baby chimpanzee is fast asleep, huddled with his mother, a zoo in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The little pig.
Curious little piglets on a German farm in Langenhorne.

Parental care.
White lioness named Sophia holding her 3-month baby at the zoo in Buenos Aires.

Swimming in the lake.
Polar bear swims Malik with his 4-month baby in the lake Aalborg, Denmark.

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