Baby yoga in Dahab

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Feb - 28 - 2012

51-year-old Elena Fokina – Russian gymnastics teacher, now living in Dahab, – shows a new trend in yoga and fitness – baby yoga. Its activities consist in the fact that it twists and turns … children. Yes, most of these are babies.

Fokin, Elena turns the children, some of which only 2 weeks old, around her, raises them above her head, turns, like a puppet.Her baby yoga session lasts no more than five minutes.

Many children eventually begin to cry.

This technique is demonstrated by gym teacher to parents at a seminar for parents in Dahab, Egypt.

She claims that it helps children from an early age to improve muscle development.

Parents also talked about taking “water of rebirth” – the children are immersed in the water upside down, to fight ‘stress after the birth. ”

Fokin, Elena, by the way, the mother of five children, practice “Dynamic Yoga” for 30 years. Its founder is Russia’s Dr. Igor Charkovsky, who also attended the seminar in Dahab.

“Some children cry, but then they start to like it. This is not dangerous “- says Elena Fokine.

“I work with parents across Europe. I hope, will soon go to England. ” In the UK, this technique has recently gained popularity.

“All my children have grown up on this technique and have achieved outstanding success in life.”

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