Banksy – the most mysterious and controversial graffiti artist

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Jun - 30 - 2011

British graffiti artist, political activist, director and talantische Banksy , probably the most popular and at the same time the most mysterious in the world of street artist. He became famous throughout the world due to its unique “guerrilla” style of stencil graffiti that appeared in a variety of public places – on the walls of buildings in London, Brighton, Bristol, even at the barrier in the West Bank between Israel and Palestine. But despite his worldwide fame, Banksy even so managed to keep the veil of secrecy around it, and anonymity. Around his real name and biography is a lot of controversy. According to the most popular version of his real name is Robert or Robin Banks.

Despite the fact that Banksy’s work shocking rather can be attributed to the genre of “kontrakultura,” his work has been exhibited in the most fashionable and prestigious galleries around the world. Among the collectors of his work many celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera. Very hard to find at least some information about this person, so that the signature to some photos may not be entirely “from the author.”

Truck Banksy. (Banksy)

The exhibition of the artist graffitsta, held in Los Angeles in 2006, Angelina Jolie has bought three works by the artist for 400 thousand dollars. Among the acquisitions Jolie was depicted in this photo painting “Picnic”, worth 226 thousand dollars. (Banksy)

“Laugh, but one day we will be the main” (Banksy)

“Bad artists imitate, great artists as well – steal” (Banksy)

“Prison Break” (Banksy)

“Maid” (Banksy)

“Helicopters with pink ribbons” (Banksy)

“Thrower colors” (Banksy)

“Attack of the trolleys” (Banksy)

Caption: “I learned a valuable lesson from this woman: you have to moisturize your skin every day.” (Banksy)

“A man cleaning graffiti on the wall.”
This picture appeared in the May 2008 street Lick Street in London. By August 2008 it was graffiti painted over. Please note – pictures of animals resemble cave paintings of primitive man in the cave of Lascaux in France and Altamira in Spain. (Banksy)

This picture is located on the front of the Bristol clinic on Park Street, where patients are treated for sexual disorders. After numerous requests from the public, Bristol City Council decided not to paint it with graffiti. (Banksy)

Stensils at the waterline of the vessel entertainment “flowed” in the center of Bristol. The image of death, from known engraving of the 19th century, depicting the plague during the “Great stench.” (Banksy)

“One nation under CCTV”, or “Big Brother is watching you”
Graffiti in the heart of London. A group of people for a long time filled up the Royal Mail letters, requesting that one of the walls needed rebuilding. After repeated requests, it was decided to set the woods to find out what the problem there. Six days later, when the forests were removed, the facade is adorned with graffiti. Visible from afar, graffiti attracts the eyes of many people who were not even aware that this work Banksy. In March 2009, local authorities ordered his disguise, despite the desperate protests of the public. CCTV – a security camera, and the phrase «One nation under …» – a reference to the famous phrase «One nation under God» – «One nation under God” – a fragment of an oath of loyalty to the U.S. flag .. (Banksy / ogglog)

“Life in a dream” (Banksy)

“Square head” (Banksy)

Another one of Banksy’s work on the streets. (Banksy)

“Charlie Pyro.” Graffiti painted on the building, which was on fire. (Banksy)

“Donut Escort” (Banksy)

“Double solid” or “The Power of Flowers”
The yellow line marking the street turns into a huge flower on one of the facades of London domov.Ryadom – self-portrait. (Banksy)

“Walking the dog” (Banksy)

The inscription on the tank: “I think it looks like an elephant” (Banksy)

“Interested in people at 0%” (Banksy)

“Over the wall!
The project “The Wall” included a virtual reality that emphasizes the denial of the existence of mankind, which is a fence – the children are cut off from the sea and forced to play with buckets and spades on a pile of stones, but this time behind the wall … (Banksy)

I hate Mondays. (Banksy)

Without wasting time for nothing
An old man in a rocking chair waiting for his rescue America. (Banksy)

Without a future. (Banksy)

One original thought is worth a thousand citations. (Banksy)

“Park (ovka)” (Banksy)

“Rickshaw” (Banksy)

“Spermosignalizatsiya” (Banksy)

“I remember when there were trees” (Banksy)

“No trespassing” (Banksy)

“Portrait of a Banksy” (Banksy)


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