Batman in Slovakia

Mar - 14 - 2012

Slovak town of Dunajska Streda has its own superhero – 26-year-old homeless guy who wears a costume of Batman and helps local residents in exchange for food. However, Zoltan Koharu has not always been a superhero with a good heart.

Last year he was jailed for eight months. When he came out, he tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, Koharu suddenly realized that his purpose in life – to do good and help people.

Then the 26-year-old decided to become a superhero. He moved into an abandoned house, where there is no heating, no electricity , fashioned a suit of his favorite superhero Batman and began to help local residents. “I decided to do good for people. I care about the order and help keep the environment clean so that we can continue to live on this planet. ”

Zoltan Koharu does not help the police, does not fit into a fight and not to punish offenders, as did the character of Bruce Wayne. Instead, the guy dressed as a man-bat sweeping the streets, watering flowers, mows lawns, caring for elderly people and calls the police if he sees something suspicious. Of course, some people consider Dunajska Streda crazy. However, Zoltan Koharu became a hero and an example for many children, and city residents are grateful to him.

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