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Dec - 19 - 2010

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It is tough trying to find the perfect body art designs which suit you, but it is well worth the effort. There are so many images to choose from, especially when you look past the more cliché designs. There are Tattoo websites with literally tens of thousands of options. Sadly, you might go blind from staring at your screen for too long if you examine each one. So what should you do to start narrowing down your options? Which set of imagery is right for you? What do you want your tattoo to say? Don’t panic. This is a great chance to take a deeper look into origins and meanings of the patterns you like.

Chances are you would like to have your tattoo actually mean something. Without any changes most tattoos are not so much a statement as a joining of different group. You have to run yourself into the ground looking for the most unique and rarely used patterns. Do not be scared of the elements which make up popular designs. These elements are popular for a reason. Kanji symbols, Celtic knots and tribal tattoos are some of the more common aspects which are used to change a generic image into a dazzling and unique masterpiece. A red dragon could easily be a lot more distinctive and attractive if it has a large intricate key clutched in its teeth or talons. Key tattoos can easily be made unique by changing the teeth of a key or the head into a different symbol which represents you. Think about adding in a lucky number, a Kanji symbol or a Celtic cross as part of your design. The sky is the limit. Key tattoos are used to hint at secrecy, mysteriousness and/or protection. Start by saving a bunch of images you like. You should not be using everything you find in a single design, but you will start to see a pattern of certain pictures blend well with others.

When using Celtic tattoo design – remember that you don’t have to just use a cross or a knot. Celtic culture is full of long forgotten Gods and creatures. Do a bit of research and you will be coming up with designs that look amazing and make a great conversational piece. It is also worth it to look into other ancient Celtic symbols. Triskels, the Triquetra, and spirals often render icons of infinity and balance. Once you find a pattern you like, take a deeper look into the culture and find out exactly what it means. If you are really bold, you could even go so far as to tattoo the images of an entire legend across your body.

Don’t forget – body art designs are supposed to last forever. Stop and think about that before you run in and grab something off the shelf. I have designed a few tattoos myself because I like the idea of having permanent art which is just for me. If you already have a tattoo you have your heart set on, think about how it could be made better. Getting your own tattoo made just for you is simply the best. Even if you suck at drawing, you can always mix some of your favs with some doodles. This will help you get a clearer picture of what you want. Custom tattoos usually costs more than the off the shelf designs, but it is well worth taking the extra time and money. Trust me you are going to be happier with a design you can truly call your own.

If you think you are up to the challenge to design a full tattoo by yourself, start off with rough sketches. Once you’re happy with these you can make a more completed version. It is also worth your while to look into websites with tattoo designing software.

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