Brutal piercing fans

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May - 27 - 2011

There are people with earrings in the nose or lips. But, of course, there are cases that can be brutal. I’ve always tried to understand why these people are doing – whether it be fun when people pay attention to poke a finger, or consider themselves to be exclusive, or simply want to reduce your body? Below – a few cases of extreme body piercing, and people in these pictures are as unknown monsters, but actually, people.


Here’s one of our “Beauty by who calls himself the” fish mouth “or” Zig Zag “.This man make fun of his own face as much as possible by inserting the implants in the cheeks and ears.

Kam Ma

The man, whose name is Kam Ma, 4 March 2006 set a world record for the number implanted in the body rings. In principle, I can understand, because people and the one who “pierced”, were going to set a world record, and installed it. The whole operation took 7 hours and 55 minutes and was performed without anesthesia – either local or general anesthesia was not.Number of rings implanted was 1015.

Brent Moffatt

Another record, got the Guinness book. Canadian, which you can see in the picture, set a record, piercing his feet with needles from disposable syringes.Also no anesthesia, number of needles implanted in the body – 702. Of course, after the record he has removed all the needles.

Wei Sheng

Hairstyle, which we see, this is another way to set a world record. His set Wai Sheng, spiked with his own head and shoulders with decorative pins. There were stuck 2008 needles. The same man the previous record set in 2004 by sticking around 1,790 needles into his head.

Finally, the image of a woman who is considered the most piercing in the world.

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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