Cakes with insect

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Apr - 19 - 2012

Who loves a piece of cake with a grasshopper or a cake with worms? This can be heard time for those who do not at a party for the book: “Cookbook of insects” in the Netherlands. Event organizers were trying to break the world record for the biggest cake with a grasshopper. However, it is unlikely they will have many rivals in this business, but in any case – good luck to them.

Professor Louise Fresco (second from right) and the authors’ Cookbook with insects, “Henk van Gurp (center), Marcel Dicke (third from right) and Arnold van Hyuis (right) decided to taste the cake with the insects at the University of Wageningen April 17, 2012. (Reuters / Michael Kooren)

Candied grasshoppers – an innovative decoration of cakes. (Reuters / Michael Kooren)

Cake with flour beetle. (Reuters / Michael Kooren)

Recent studies of Wageningen University have shown that insects are an excellent source of protein, which can meet the needs of the growing generation. Currently 70% of agricultural land is used for livestock production. (Reuters / Michael Kooren)

Five. (Reuters / Michael Kooren)

Edible copies of the book of recipes of dishes from insects. (Reuters / Michael Kooren)

Wageningen University student Margot van Ruen eats cake with worms. (Reuters / Michael Kooren)

Mmmm … yummy … (Reuters / Michael Kooren)

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