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Prayer “nuts” – a striking example of Dutch craftsmanship of the XVI century. These carved miniatures used during prayers and the rosary hung on. Possession of such a work of art meant not only an extraordinary human piety, also its high social status, t. To. Each “nut” was worth a fortune.

The Korean company called “PAPA” (“Play Art. Polygon Art”), creates a high-quality paper from elegant polygonal sculptures of animals that will decorate any interior.

Stunning sculptures of animals from bullet shells

Colombian artist Federico Uribe, a resident of Miami, presented a wonderful collection of sculptures and bas-reliefs created from bullet shells.

What can be done from paper

Very beautiful and unusual works by the artist Joe Chorny made only with a sheet of paper and a scalpel.

A selection of unusual body art by Corey Willet, better known under the pseudonym TwistinBangs. In her works, the artist uses a fluorescent dye and a black background, which allows her to turn into monsters and other creepy creatures. An amazing combination of bright pop art with a zombie theme.

If cartoon characters were getting old

Cartoon characters, as opposed to the real actors, are not threatened by aging. What if cartoon characters were getting old? Most of them would have nothing to do in the film.

A series of these great figures brought to light thanks to the contest sponsored by Nichigaku, a manufacturer of school boards. This unusual art is called Kokuban Art, and it has become a phenomenon in Japan, which led to the creation of incredible masterpieces. It is hard to imagine that such beauty can be created using ordinary chalk and blackboard.

Street artist Sean Yoro found an interesting way to decorate the walls of the abandoned water facilities in Hawaii. He swims to the wall on a surfboard, and paints portraits of girls, emerging from the water. Great idea.

John Bramblitt is blind since 2001 due to complications caused by the effects of epilepsy. For many, after something like this world is falling apart, but not for John. He became an artist, creating colorful pattern, despite the fact that he is blind.John manages to draw only because of his sense of touch. He uses a tube of paint, on which the names of colors are applied using Braille.

New York-based artist Maude White is back with some new meticulously crafted paper illustrations. Believe it or not, but these awe-inspiring paper cuttings are made entirely by hand, using only a craft knife. “When I cut paper, I feel as if I am peeling back the outer, superficial layer of our vision to reveal the secret space beneath,” explains White in her artist’s statement. “With paper cutting there are so  [ Read More ]

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Prayer "nuts" - a striking example of Dutch craftsmanship of ...

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