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Only a couple of weeks left before the New Year holidays, for students it is the busiest time of the year. The heroine of our article is 20-year-old Lama Ali who is studying at the University of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the Faculty of fashionable design. This year she had 3 exams – drawing fashion sketches, all in the same day. Having experienced a lot of stress, a student  [ Read More ]

Masterpieces of electrical engineers around the world

Going on vacation in affordable resort can be interesting but we must remember a simple rule: never drink tap water and never turn on the lights. Because thence electrical engineers have very funky patterns.

Catalan seruny brings owners success in the new year

Kaganer (Catalan. El Caganer) – figurines with his pants down and fecal bunch behind. Serunov for several hundred years can be found in every house of Catalan. Small figurines made from plaster put on Christmas.It is believed that it brings good luck to the house and the profit is due to the “fertilizer” which he produces.

How to remember which computer cable goes where

For women who need to move in the new apartment – there is nothing worse than moving a computer with many cables. This woman had to move the computer- resourcefulness and ingenuity has done its job and now the computer is in a new place.

The man firmly stuck in the street urn with safety door

Street bins in the Spanish city of Murcia are equipped with a special tilting lid, through which is almost impossible to get inside. But the 48-year-old citizen of Romania still managed to get stuck in it.

Cool office Halloween decorations

It just so happened that the everybody loves Halloween . So you can surprise your nerves colleagues with something like this…they will probably forgive you. It is holiday after all.

Some jokes are not for friends

Some people have a quite original sense of humor – so original, that it is more like a mockery. Therefore, their “jokes” are not for friends:

Now the term “granny panties” can be understood in the literal sense, because a housewife from Utah Social Candice Pugh creates a vintage women’s panties, which she decorates with unexpected prints of Hollywood stars, cute animals and a variety of funny slogans. She sells this unusual underwear through Etsy site and one of the latest amazing series of her works is her panties with the image of the main characters  [ Read More ]

Ingenious solutions!

We want to show that the world is full of imaginative people! Hot summer day? Not a problem- private pool installed in your jeep!

India annually takes huge crowds of tourists, but the situation in the country is getting worse. Gradually the sacred country turns into a life-trash.

Remaking a barn

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Ford's 1980 microcar

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Look at this odditie

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Say it with beef - b

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Incredible carved mi

Prayer "nuts" - a striking example of Dutch craftsmanship of ...

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