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Funny cooking dips that make Halloween even worse

Preparing for Halloween, people will not only decorate the house with fake cobwebs and skeletons, but also invent treats that will scare the guests. We do not know what these culinary delights taste like, but we can say with full confidence that the guests will be horrified by their appearance. Bite your tongue

People who take funny pictures with monuments

Appreciate people with a sense of humor!

Artist is tuning strangers’ old cars with cardboard

Dutch photographer Max Sedentopf wandering the streets of Amsterdam armed with cardboard and duct tape and gives makeover to strangers cars, turning them into vehicles for street racing. In his collection there are already several cars.

The main rule for all – never, under any circumstances, be drunk before everyone else. Nothing good for you will happen. Drunk people are ruthless, and if among them there are those who are sober – even worse, because they are bored at a party, and the only way to have fun for them – it is a mockery of the others. Do not wait until it happens to you  [ Read More ]

When the student Emily Musson began to share pictures with the guy on her Facebook profile, she did not think her parents have a sense of humor, that they will begin to imitate them. Parents taking a picture quickly became popular, but Emilia thinks that is not funny, but stupid.

We do not support pupils dressing up in all sorts of outfits, but once a year it is possible. Especially these suits as the masterpiece that is really worthy of your attention. Little Red Riding Hood

Cruel joke

Making fun of your friends with a bit of jelly and his keyboard and a mouse. All that you need is gel as a wide bowl with mouse and keyboard.

A certain cheerful Chinese, judging by his face, caught in his yard poisonous snake. He can hold the snakes – you can see his grip. But sometimes snakes are vigilant. One awkward movement and mood had sharply deteriorated.

It is not surprising that some of people look like the other. But you will agree, is much more interesting to look at people when they look like celebrities or famous characters. Interestingly, these people know that they have huge similarities with celebrities? Dr Evil

10 kinds of selfies that you should never do

Due to the unhealthy trend, doctors are earnestly planning to add to the list of dependencies another – dependent on selfie. Young people trying to make the most extreme, stupid and unique selfie sometimes passes all bounds of common sense. Selfie in bathroom If you do decide to do selfie in the bathroom, then at least make sure there is no one else

Remaking a barn

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Ford's 1980 microcar

This vehicle is a Ford microcar concept from 1980 called ...

Look at this odditie

The first thing that comes to mind when viewing these ...

Say it with beef - b

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Incredible carved mi

Prayer "nuts" - a striking example of Dutch craftsmanship of ...

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