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Sandstorms – simooms – has long been shrouded in dark halo. No wonder they have a name – “sandstorm” means poisonous, poisoned. And such a storm is really spoiled the whole caravan. Samum observed in the deserts of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and most often is the western and south-west direction. Basically it is spring and summer.

Dancing dolphins

Photographer Greg Huglin from Santa Barbara, Calif., has made these wonderful pictures of dolphins during his numerous trips to the coast of South Africa.

Funny penguins from Antarctica

These amazing and funny pictures with penguins were taken by photographer David C. Schultz.

The miracle called life

Miraculously, you can call the life of this puppy. It’s a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua. The mother dog had died in childbirth, and his five brothers and sisters. He survived … He’s so tiny that fits in the palm … Vets take care of him and say that the puppy will survive …

Waterfall Hukou – rainbow ice-falls

Hukou waterfalls are the most spectacular section in the yellow river, and also the only extraordinary waterfalls in China.

Stone flowers

In southern China, there are mountains, where inexplicably flowers bloom.These are called “stone flowers”. They look very nice, as the product of divine Stonebruiser, and very similar to real flowers.

The most amazing anomalies of nature

There are many unexplained natural phenomena on our planet. No matter how hard the scientists try, many mysteries, not only is not solved, but they do not even have the alleged “key” that would reveal the secret. For example, a waterfall in the Chinese province of Shaanxi. The water in the waterfall does not freeze even at -30 ° C, but in summer, on a completely inexplicable reasons a powerful  [ Read More ]

Lightning lake in Venezuela

In Venezuela there is a place where almost every night you can see the flash of lightning. This is where the river empties into the Catatumbo Lake Maracaibo. And they can sparkle in 7-10 hours. A lot or a little, but light-residents are almost used to it.


Banyan , or, as it is called, the tree – forest, has not one but thousands of Bengali trunks.Darvoto rubber plant has the highest crown. It reaches about 500 feet in diameter and is supported by aerial roots, extra props.

Rock formations from around the world created by nature with elements such as heat, wind, rain and erosion. Nature is very patient artist, because the creation of these masterpieces it sometimes took more than a million years, and the palette is composed of the hardest materials. Summary of the most incredible natural rock formations on the planet. Balancing Rock, Garden of the Gods, Colorado

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Incredible carved mi

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