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Mini cooker PC case

This is a project from the case cons or custom, is creating a completely new case. This Mini Cooker PC Case is built by Czech modder. After all it’s all about the look, and a computer in a stove is just about as fresh and cool.

The best car for the zombie apocalypse

Hyundai is seriously prepared for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, therefore, submitted its brutal car that is not afraid of the hordes of zombies, the festival cosplay Comic Con 2012.

Facebook added icons for gay marriage

Facebook has introduced new icons that gay couples will be able to announce that they are married. This change occurred just before the wedding , who with Mark Zuckerberg actually developed by Facebook, who has married his partner Sean Eldridge.

Junior Mozilla for iPad

Mozilla team is working on a new browser. It is not, however, the new version of Firefox, but on the iPad browser.

Google launched a service for data storage

Google announced the company offers customers a new service for data storage. “Google Drive” will allow for users first five gigabytes of free, while for the next 25 gigabytes will charge $ 2.49 per month, and one terabyte for $ 49.99.

Brand new portable hard disk

Every time you buy a Chinese device expects you uncomfortable surprise. Here’s another story about how a guy got a brand new hard disk … But why is it so slow copying? 250GB instead he got a 2GB memory stick.

Sony Xperia Solo

Sony unveiled the company’s mobile phone Xpiria solos, with the Android operating system and the flouting touch technology that allows users to search the Internet so that the fingers move over the screen and the screen is really touching.

Transparent house in Tokyo

There is such a fantastic story about a world where all the houses are with transparent walls, and you can only hide behind thick curtains, approved by the authorities. It seems that the Japanese have created a transparent house ,an architectural firm “NA House”. These guys have built a fully transparent house, which has a transparent floor. As far as we can understand, even heavy curtains are not provided, the  [ Read More ]

10 best electronic gadgets of CES 2012

Another Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone. And just like every other year, we’re left with a slew of gadgets to wade through and enjoy. While some have criticised the show for becoming bloated and less relevant, there is no doubt entrepreneurs across the world love tuning in to see what the industry has in store. This year, a wide array of gadgets were unveiled, with “smart” televisions and  [ Read More ]

Gadget for athletes Nike Fuelband

Nike does not have just trendy clothes and shoes for athletes, they also have gadgets. This new gadget is committed by Nike called Fuelband. Let’s look at what it does. Nike Fuelband bracelet is worn on the arm.

Remaking a barn

Next you will find a photo report of a barn ...

Ford's 1980 microcar

This vehicle is a Ford microcar concept from 1980 called ...

Look at this odditie

The first thing that comes to mind when viewing these ...

Say it with beef - b

A company called Say It With Beef makes beef jerky ...

Incredible carved mi

Prayer "nuts" - a striking example of Dutch craftsmanship of ...

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