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Tropical garden on the hill of Monte

Tropical Garden, located on the hill of Monte in Funchal – perhaps one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. Generally, Madeira is exceptionally rich in its parks and gardens- chosen at random Jardim Tropical Monte Palace and did not regret about it.

The world’s first underwater nightclub

Yes, this is not a restaurant under the water, where visitors are surrounded by still air, and spend time as usual. This is – a real submarine club, where all visitors are in the aquatic environment. Each of them – a special scuba, open type, which allows to communicate with each other and with other visitors. There are drinks, as without them. So far, the club is closed to visitors,  [ Read More ]


Riomaggiore – an unusual town in the Cinque Terre, Province of La Spezia, Italy. The peculiarity of it is not only in the variety of colorful architecture, which is literally packed with in a relatively small piece of land, but also in the absolute absence of cars on narrow streets. The population of just 1736 people.

If you are looking for bars and clubs then Prague is certainly the place to head for lovers of nightlife. During the winter, they can warm you up on even the coldest evenings, while in the summer it is warm enough to dance in your glad rags until the early hours of the morning. Top clubs in Prague include the Lavka Bar and Club at the heart of the Old  [ Read More ]

Paradise cove

Halong Bay – World Heritage Site by UNESCO in Vietnam in Quang Ninh province, a popular tourist destination. Halong means “where the dragon descended into the sea.” According to legend, the island of Halong was created by a large dragon. He lived in the mountains and when he came out, the tail made valleys and hollows of different shapes. After his immersion in the sea, space that he dug with  [ Read More ]

Recipe for the New Year

5 places, to celebrate New Year and 5 places you should run away from. If we forget about arousing public predictions about the end of the world, in anticipation of the new year, the world is ready for the holiday rush. Depending on your relationship this holiday routes can also be different.

Angel – highest waterfall

Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world. His height – 978 meters. The waterfall originates from the top of a flat mountain Auyan Tepuy and located in remote jungles of Venezuela. Trails to this point does not exist.

Hanging aquatic gardens in Bali

Do what’s best place from which to float above the swimming world? Small Indonesian island of Bali has certainly all the data. Scenery, exotic beauties and, more recently, Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel , with its pools over the world, flower gardens real fluids. Original form, organic pool was inspired by the gentle peaks of the surrounding hills and pools is high on many levels. If you swim toward the edge,  [ Read More ]

In Brazil, there is a unique place, which surprised even themselves Brazilians. This National Park Lencois Maranenses (Lencois Maranhenses), located in north-eastern Brazil in the state of Maranhao, near the town of Barreyrinyas. Lencois Maranenses – a wonderful area to the area of ​​1000 square meters. km combining the white sand dunes up to 40 meters and framing them clear freshwater lakes.

In a world full of brave men who dared to risk traveling, from which the hair stand on end, even the worldly-wise. Hunters for the adrenaline had time to go underground, they dived into the depths of the ocean and jumped with excitement over the precipice. Overview of the most exciting adventures that you can raise your adrenaline. 1. Climbing the highest peak of the world – Mount Everest (Qomolangma)  [ Read More ]

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