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If you thought the costumes can surprise everyone, you just went to the right place. Today, she will show you how to do double face make-up for Halloween . Amazing optical illusion, to which it is impossible not to pay attention. At the beginning of video viewing you might think that the girl does not know what is she doing, because she does make up a lot lower than your  [ Read More ]

Another Japanese madness: cafe for plush toys

If you are seriously concerned about the fact that your stuffed bunny is bored, hurry to the psychiatrist but not in Japan. In Tokyo you can go in Nuigurumi Cafe with your plush toy. Limitation of only one thing: a teddy bear or cat should not be too large. Palm-size – just right.

Unicum from Australia named Richard Maher, who calls himself Ladybeard, has a wide range of interests. Blending Japanese kawaii (cute) culture with muscle and vocal might, Ladybeard’s uniqueness has already made him a star in Japan. LadyBeard has become a wrestling, singing, kawaii queen whose star status seems to be cemented even more this year by hundreds of articles, TV appearances, and a legitimate career as a kawaii music idol.

In many ways, the past was a strange and almost-frightening place. Modern marketing and advertising is pretty sleek these days…and it makes us forget how terrifying most ads used to be. Not only were most vintage ads racist and sexist, but they were creepy as well. Our society has since evolved, but you can’t help but look back and say yikes. For example, I’m pretty sure no one would ever  [ Read More ]

Skydiver Gets Hit by a Plane

John Frost was just about to touch down after his skydive when he was hit by the light aircraft flown by 87-year-old Shannon Trembley at South Lakeland airport near Tampa, Florida. Both men escaped with only minor injuries.

Lucky Sunbather

Just see what happens next.

The Pop-up Book of Phobias

Fear of going to the dentist.

Fear of flying.

Fear of snakes.

Fear of tight spaces.

Fear of public bathrooms.

Fear of public speaking.

Fear of spiders.


Synthetic Human Body by SynDaver Labs

SynDaver Labs manufactures the world’s most sophisticated synthetic human tissues and body parts, which are used by the medical students and teachers.

Owl Cafe

Owl cafes are a new trend in Japan.

Halloween decorations causing controversy

Mustang, Oklahoma resident Johnnie Mullins scared his neighbors with this Halloween prank. Some of them even called 911.

Remaking a barn

Next you will find a photo report of a barn ...

Ford's 1980 microcar

This vehicle is a Ford microcar concept from 1980 called ...

Look at this odditie

The first thing that comes to mind when viewing these ...

Say it with beef - b

A company called Say It With Beef makes beef jerky ...

Incredible carved mi

Prayer "nuts" - a striking example of Dutch craftsmanship of ...

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