Chen Dejun: “Gasoline is not only necessary for machines”

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Jul - 16 - 2011

71-year-old Chen Dejun proves that petrol is useful not only for cars. Old man is experiencing constant severe pain. And to drown them,he drinks 3-3.5 liters of gasoline per month.Reporters estimated that he drank approximately 1.5 tons of fuel over the past 42 years.

He began to drink gasoline in 1969. At that time, Chen began to cough and feel a sharp pain in his chest. He spoke to the doctors who could not help him. After local elders suggested that he has, most likely, tuberculosis, and he should try to drink kerosene. After the first dose, Chen had strong ache pain, but the chest pain subsided.

In 2001, Cheng Dejun switched to gasoline, because the village had stopped using kerosene. According to him, petrol is as good as the previous fuel.

Doctors, who examined a peasant, said that despite signs of emphysema, uncle is in good health. And the body gradually adapted to gasoline, such the doses that would have to kill a man. According to their estimates, the fuel acts as an anesthetic, but it can not cure the disease.

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