Climbers in Yosemite

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Apr - 28 - 2011

You need to train your toes and be very determined to grab the small crack on a desert mountain area of ​​El Cap. Climber Kevin Dzhorgeson three years overcomes this part of the route. But when he saw himself in the photo,he was impressed: “I just touched the wall with my fingertips.”

Without a single insurance, Dean Potter makes its way to the top of the glacier called Paradise.

Barely hanging on with one hand, covered with chalk, for better grip, Cedar Wright ignored the pain in the muscles, trying to climb to the summit, called Gravity Siling, en route to a high mountain. “I give 199 percent, I can do this” – he says. “The main thing just to stay calm.”

Despite the obvious risks, it is a place in the Northwest mountain-dome is a welcome place of respite for Alex Honnolda, who became a rock star at age 23 when he first took on this famous route without insurance.

Hot sun tells Tony Kadvellu (left) and Kevin Dzhorgesonu that it is time to pause before the development of a new route called El Capitan.

Dzhorgeson (left) and Kadvel lived in a “hammock” at an altitude of 1500 feet above the ground for two weeks for which they are en route. What are the main amenities of their homes in the sky? The French press, coffee and iPhone (which is charged by solar cells).

“You can be very powerful, but still not ready for the passage of these routes,” says Dzhorgeson as he climbs the hill of El Cap, keeping only on the fingertips. Like many professional climbers, he constantly trains to keep fit.

On the mountain of El Capitan, the rope length of 200 feet is an essential attribute of the climbers who come here in search of entertainment.

On the ground, climbers live at the legendary Camp № 4. In particular, in the camp live workers, conducting search and rescue work.

Kate Rutherford climbs the mountain. She also emphasized that not a stick. Breathtaking scenery a bit distracting from the route. This route is called Freestone, as Rutherford says, “is an unforgettable trip.”

This strip of granite 40 feet in length on the mountain-dome is the only way to get to the end of the North-West route. Most people are crawling on it – says Alex Honnold, but I prefer to go on it because it is “cooler”. In order for him to climb up to 30 seconds and no technical skills, but even Honnold acknowledges that it is quite sobering to look down from a height of 1800 feet.

“It feels like I paryu in the air,” – says Dean Potter, passing the rope over Yosemite Falls. Due to wind gusts and blinding mist, it is difficult to balance on a rope as thick as an inch at a height of 2,600 feet, but thanks to the rope tied to the waist, you can avoid a catastrophe.

Jumping from a mountain-dome are illegal, but in Yosemite sport called bass-jumping is gaining popularity with each passing day. Climbers say that it is much faster (and more fun) to parachute into the valley than to go down.

“We make plans and dream” – says the veteran of the mountains in Yosemite – climber Kate Rutherford (in red). It meets in the valley of El Capitan enormous amount of time with my friends, exploring new and more challenging routes. With binoculars in hand, Libby Sotter watching his friend, who climbs the mountain of El Capitan.

Alex Honnold overcomes the third zigzag on the mountain-dome without any insurance. He stayed one more difficult part, before it reaches the top.

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