Cold walls converted in creativity

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Mar - 31 - 2011

Urban landscape can be gray and expressionless – but not the artists are seasoning their exciting murals. Some murals can be considered realistic illusions, some have educational and historical significance, but all of them – welcome splashes of color and creativity in the daily life of the city.

We begin with a cheerful building in Tarragona, Spain:

Old door in Rome

Decorative balconies in Barcelona

Here is a series of buildings in Lyon, France:

And the more psychedelic variety from Russia:

Something strange has come to Berlin

Sailing vessel on the right has been defined in Brussels:


Cannes, France

Next mural is located in Jerusalem, and reflects the multifaceted history of the city:

Germany is full of wonderful frescoes, especially in Bavaria, where it became a traditional folk art:

Very complex fresco in Quebec, Canada:

The back side of the Flat Iron Building Gooderham in Toronto:

Three-dimensional murals
Here is an artist who really breaks the monotony of formal geometry of buildings, parking lots and shopping centers, with its own amazing perspective and three-dimensional illusions. Eric Grouha has an impressive array of projects

Community Foundation of Byusayrusa, Ohio:

Here’s how he makes endless wall of the shopping center attractive:

Chamber of Commerce, Byusayrus, Ohio:

Another wonderful example of three-dimensional wall paintings

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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