Cost of weekly food in different countries

Jun - 9 - 2011

Refrigerator can sometimes tell his master is much more interesting than “Still Life”, is absorbed in the eyes of the respectable public. Moreover, let’s face it, most of the world’s population has no counter to dining habits, preferring to various reasons, the shape of the meal, which only residents of metropolitan seem archaic – a family dinner.

Guatemala: $ 75.70
Family Recipe: Turkey Stew and Susana Perez Matias’s Sheep Soup

Thirty families of twenty-four countries have made the photographer Peter Menzel and his faithful companion Faith Daluzio in his private life and culinary allowed sufficient detail to fix it within one week. The result was the book “Hungry Planet” (“Hungry Planet”) – thirty gastronomic family portfolio, from different points of the world: from Bhutan to Bosnia, from Mexico to Mongolia.

For his research Menzel picked mostly a family of 4-5 people. A special place in each food stories occupy general portraits against the backdrop of provisions consumed per week .

Family Brown of Australia: a weekly ration worth 376.45 dollars

In Luxembourg, the average family spends on food, on average 465.84 dollars a week.

Indian family, costs 39.27 dollars a week.

In the U.S., oddly enough, the food is quite spend an average amount – 242.48 dollars, which is almost two times less than in Luxembourg

A family from Canada spared American family at a cost of a weekly diet – $ 345.

France has the second highest cost, “the weekly table – 419.95 USD

A weekly diet of families from Greenland is comparable to the cost of meals the family from the United States – 277.12 USD.

Food set for a week in Turkey for a family costs an average of 145.88 dollars a week.

Japan. Ukita family of Kodaira. Spent $ 317.25.

Italy. Family Manzo, Sicily. Spent $ 260.11.

Chad. Family Abubakar. Costs $ 1.23.

Kuwait. Family Al Hagan. Costs $ 221.45.

USA. Revis family of North Carolina. Costs $ 341.98.

Mexico. Family Kazales. Costs $ 189.09.

China. Dong family of Beijing. Costs $ 155.06.

Poland. Family Sobchinski. Costs $ 151.27.

Egypt. Ahmed’s family. Costs $ 68.53.

Ecuador. Ayme family. Costs $ 31.55.

Again, the United States. Kevin’s family from California. Costs $ 159.18.

Mongolia. Family Batsuuri, Ulan Bator. Costs $ 40.02.

UK. Family Beynton. Costs $ 253.15.

Bhutan. Family Namgey. Costs $ 5.03.

Germany. Melander family. Costs $ 500.07.

Mali: $ 26.39
Family Recipe: Natomo Family Rice Dish.

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