Crazy Movie Makeup Transformations

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Dec - 11 - 2014

Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Here’s one that may not look impressive at first, until you compare the actor to the character. The intricate job done on this makeup is absolutely stunning.

Martin Lawrence in Big Momma’s House
Not in Big Mama’s house! Actually, Martin Lawrence did a great job dressing up as Big Momma (Ella Mitchell) and, while the two characters didn’t look alike, it only made the movie more hilarious.

John Matuszak in Goonies
Former Oakland Raider turned Sloth took a long time in makeup. It was worth it because his character turned out to be most impressive!

Jacqueline Pearce in The Reptile
Here’s one that takes an ordinary looking woman and turns her into a humanoid reptile. The eyes are most impressive, we wonder how she sees through all of that.

Eddie Murphy in Norbert
This wasn’t Eddie murphy’s first appearance covered in makeup and a body suit, but it’s his best. It’s scary to think exactly how much time and weight this makeup must take.

Kristi Somers in Hell Comes to Frogtown
Kristi’s character, Arabella, is the frog-like mutant leader. Her makeup, while very good, was very low on the budget and didn’t fit the rest of the movie as well as it should have.

Ami Chorlton as The Ice Queen
If you like Grimm fairy tales, you probably love Ami Chorlton. Her makeup for The Ice Queen is sure a major change!

Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire
This one was not just a movie character, but a character for the character played by Robin Williams, which meant he had to switch in and out of it many times. It may be simple, but it’s amazing!

Doug Jones in Pan’s Labyrinth
This master of makeup is commonly seen when it comes to movie makeup, and his appearance in Pan’s Labyrinth is one of the best!

Patricia Tallman from Army of Darkness
This transformation made Patricia Tallman go from beautiful to hideous! That’s some good makeup!

Grinch from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Jim Carey’s makeup/costume from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is absolutely amazing. It took him 3-8 hours a day.

Time Machine
Another Doug Jones, this time from Time Machine. Amazing makeup!

While Joker wasn’t so serious, his makeup was! This is known as one of the best makeup jobs in movie history!

Gollum from Lord of the Rings
Here’s one that is hard to believe. There may be some similarities, but this is one amazing transformation.

Robert Englund in Nightmare on Elm Street
Lets start with a classic! While they didn’t have to reshape his face in any way, lets face it Robert Englund has a odd face, they did a great job adding the burned face. This is a classic among makeup!

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