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Jul - 29 - 2011

Most of us have a favorite cup at home and at work. We carefully preserve it from colleagues and members of our family, because it is comfortable, very dear to us and it turns out only the most delicious coffee. And all because of coffee or tea cup – it’s not just dishes. This is a very personal item that expresses the essence of its owner.

People tend to endow the cup sentimental values ​​and to give them a great value. Designers do it with incredible experiments with shape and material of cups of coffee and tea.

Toothed cup of designer Megawing certainly discourage those who decide to encroach on your property. You can drink with a smooth edge of the cup, but you can with “teeth”. Then the drink will flow slowly through the interdental spaces shockingly realistic jaw.

Jonas Trampedach designer came up with a place for a used tea bag. He is “buried” in his coffin, which is located under the cup in the saucer.

Circle lens is so realistic that it can easily be confused with professional equipment. These mugs and thermoses are and Nikon, and Canon.

A cup with a face and a gaping mouth – perfect for coffee and biscuits, which is eternal nowhere to put.

Stylish circles “Victims of Fashion” by the Israeli designer Yael Kristal.

Mug-iron “Ironius” invented Lebedev Studio could caress your clothes, while her coffee hot.

Cup with a zipper from the designer Megawing. At recess convenient to fix a rope from the tea bag.

A cup with a gag from the designer Efrat Gommeh. If you store the cover in a secret place, your mug like no one can take advantage of.

Arrange a masquerade directly during working with tea cups from baleen designer Petter Bruegger.

Designer Sharona Merlin has developed a fine cup of the project “Combining tradition and technology.” – As soon as the technology develops around us things are getting thinner – explains the author.

Normal at first cup of designer Jorine Oorsterhoff for presentation to the lips with transforms man into a pig or a dog.

From the bottom of cups designer Jinsik Kim eventually grows grass, serving the function of the stand for mugs.

Mug, completely out of coffee beans.

Enrique Luis Sardi, a designer from Venezuela, in collaboration with the Italian company Lavazza has developed eco-cup of coffee. The cup is made of dough coated with a special sugar that serves as an insulator and makes a cup of water-resistant. First, you drink coffee, then eat the cup.

Belgian designer came up with a cup of Laurent Corio-for coffee. The cover plastic cup has a hole through which you can safely drink without fear oblitsya. If you sat down at a table, the lid will serve as a saucer.

Ukrainian studio has designed a coffee Psyho antidepressant, the service, codenamed smilecup. The service is suitable for four persons as people who want to be in a good mood in the morning, and all active Internet users, because the complementary arrangement of cups and saucers remind them beautiful smile (smile) in chat rooms, forums and blogs.

Dutch illustrator Esther Horchner «saw” a cup of tea bathing naked woman, leaving his clothes on a saucer and teaspoon.

As conceived by designer Ronit Baranga, ceramic cups on the fingers create the illusion that the dishes may at any time to escape with a tea party, if the subject of conversation, for example, she did not like.

Folded pile in the sink cup inspired designer Monica Tsang at creating comic concept triple cup.

Plastic cup porcelain invented designer Robert Brandt.

The cup does not recognize the laws of gravity. True angle, it can be just as empty.

With this cup you do not need a spoon. Ceramic ball at the bottom of the stir sugar.

Coffee mug, calendar designed by Takeshi Nishioka.

Cup-cake from the Spanish studio Cunicode.

Cups with figures of animals hiding


Mug ON / OFF

Mugs in the mood


Mug “Melt the iceberg”

Tea pair from the set of «Blaue Blume» Company of Undergrowth design.

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