Creative gadgets for the kitchen

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Jun - 27 - 2011

Creative gadgets for people who love not only jewelry and fashion, but also to create masterpieces in their cozy kitchen. To your attention a wonderful selection of unusual accessories for the kitchen.

Spaghetti measurer
Young housewife on the note. How to cook spaghetti today, so that too much was left, and all had enough? You can certainly measure “by eye”, but why these half-measures when designers come up with a great device that will help determine the exact amount of the product?

Extruder ketchup
And this device will please young chefs. And certainly lead to the horror of their parents. Who to add ketchup, that looks like blood flowing from his mouth or nose of a cartoon character, a strange attachment to a package of seasoning?

Extruder lemon juice
Against the background of the above devaysa, manual citrus press, in particular, lemons, is more than serious and practical. Juice-fresh breakfast, and then – provided the trained handshake.

Watermelon knife
Not only convenient and practical, but also very attractive, “old” device that resembles a slice of watermelon. But why read about it, if all you can see with your eyes?

Avocado knife
No, I clean this healthy fruit with a huge stone will still ordinary knife. But when you want to cut the meat in neat cubes, the knife grid is very useful.

Cap on beer cans
I do not deny that there are people who prefer to chew kebab skewers directly with, and drink beer directly from the bottle or jar. But for those who believe that the most delicious beer is drunk all the same from a special beer mug, the designers came up with a nozzle, “nose” on the tin. Not to spill a single drop of precious liquid.

Cap on a bottle of milk
For those who prefer to quench your thirst (and hunger) milk – another nozzle in the form of cow’s head. “A lot eh cow gives milk? – Not to milk a day – tired arm”

And finally – some unusual grips, which would welcome a gift as an adult and a small hostess. Even if she still does not know what “pixels” and “8 bit”, and is not familiar with the adventures of kolobok-Packman, these fun “fuses” to handle hot pots and pans she certainly enjoy.

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