Creative umbrellas

Aug - 24 - 2011

A selection of unusual and functional umbrellas for all occasions.

Will help to reveal your feelings! Such a gift will uniquely express your emotions and will certainly cause a reaction!

Umbrellas “Bright mood”
The dome of the hood – two layers. Outside the umbrella is black. But is it worth it swing in the breeze – and colorful “fruit” looks wrong side out. Umbrella under which always is sunny mood – a great source of optimism for a rainy day! Kiwi, lemon, watermelon, lime, orange and palm trees.

Umbrella Wine Bottle
Tired of banal giving bottles of wine and cognac? This umbrella for your event! Umbrella Wine Bottle is shaped like a bottle in the folded state, due to specially designed handles and a special hard cylindrical case.

Umbrella “money rain”
This gift – the embodiment of desire such a strong and continuous cash flow, from which one can only hide under an umbrella. Finished gift idea on behalf of a bank or other financial institution.

Umbrella “Rainbow”
Rainbow – one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. Motley bridge is spreading across the sky, when rain occurs with moisture in the sun. Umbrella can see a rainbow, even in the rainy season, prolonged bleak. The holder does not get lost in the crowd under gloomy gray rain, and company-advertiser can attract the attention of all passers-by to their brand.Rainbow bear a special paint – the image appears as wet tissue.

Umbrella “under the palm trees Paradise”
That’s where is the real paradise! And always, regardless of the fact that out there: moody drizzling rain, sleet or rain – here, under the palm trees, is in extremely sunny and joyful mood. Give an umbrella – so wish for good weather, both literally and figuratively this expression.

Umbrella “Fifth gear”

Umbrella ELLA

Umbrella dome is transformed into a handbag. Moreover, in contrast to the cover, it will never be lost, as part of an umbrella. And wet umbrella is not a hindrance. Handbag, by the way, creates additional opportunities for the application of branding. This umbrella will help to express the originality, versatility, ability to a new view on things and the ability to find a way out of any situation.

Umbrella “roof over your head”
The need for everyone – a roof over your head, whether it is a modest one-bedroom apartment in the flats or a private home. Architectural office, a construction company, real estate, bank operating in the area of ​​mortgage lending to meet their obligations may give this umbrella a happy owner a roof over his head.

Umbrella “Starry Sky”

Umbrella “Samurai”
Umbrella “Samurai” made in the form of traditional Japanese swords – katana. Samurai – a Japanese knight. The very same word “samurai” is derived from the word “Samurai”, a literal translation means “to serve as a superior person.”

Umbrella “Samurai” – is distinctive element of an outstanding man, an expert in his field, who through their knowledge and skills to adequately serve the cause of (the company) to protect its interests.

Thanks to a convenient case with strap, this umbrella can be worn behind the back, then the similarity of the umbrella and the katana is most evident.

Umbrella HYPNOS
Charm, to capture attention, introduce the name of your company / product into the subconscious of the consumer – does not want it any marketer? The idea gipnozonta – the movie “The Beginning” and the peculiar habit of women to twist in the hands of an umbrella.

Umbrella for two folding
Umbrella large, rectangular, would express concern, romance, family values

Umbrella “Pagoda”

Umbrella “Antishtorm”
With its unique design always takes an umbrella optimum position relative to the wind. Umbrella has been tested in a wind tunnel and did not even bends in the wind at 100 km / h. Nominated for the magazine Time «The Best Invention of 2007″. Laureate of the Red Dot Design Awards 2007. Winner of the Dutch Design Prize in 2007. The first prize of Audi Design.

Umbrella “A great finish”

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