Dan Nomenn – a recognized master of his craft

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Aug - 28 - 2011

Don Nomenn was born in Ohio, where at first he studied decorative arts at the University of Cleveland. In 1989, Don decided to move to Florida. There, in St. – Petersburg and he continued his studies at a local college, where he studied with Bruce Evenson (founder of the studio of Thomas Bruce). In the early 1990s, Don began his career as photographer. The first time Nomenn participated in an exhibition in 1998, and since that time his work permanently displayed at various exhibitions and festivals in Florida and other states (California, Alabama, his native Ohio.) He took part in a very prestigious festival «Mainsail Art Festival», held in St. – Petersburg, on which it was impossible to get without an invitation.

Renowned photographer revealed the secret of how he managed to make one of his most famous shots – “For two years I have often installed a stand in one place on the Anclote River in Tarpon Springs. Only from this point offers a unique view of the derelict vessel. And so for a year I can do no more than two photos of high-level exhibition, although somewhere in 1991 I spent standing in the rain with my camera a lot of nights, trying to catch the right moment. All pictures taken of me – it’s very real gifts of nature. ”

To remove your wonderful pictures using the camera Nomenn «Hasselblad» released in 1959 with a 50 mm lens «Distagon Zeiss» and color film exclusively «Kodak» and «Fuji». Dawn revealed a secret that specifically perederzhivaet film for the appearance of the effect of changes in color that occurs as a result of deviations from the law of interchangeability. Time overexposure range from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, for the reason that the colors change slightly depending on the film. Due to the fact that the firm «Kodak» and «Fuji» ceased to produce chemicals for printing diapozitivnoy film, the resulting negatives Don is forced to crawl on a drum scanner and then printed on photo printer brands “Epson”.

Don Nomenna work have been published in such popular magazines as “Groove” and «Water’s Edge». In addition, photographs were used for the cover of Don publication «Oldsmar Florida Chamber of Commerce Top of the Bay» and to obtain the title pages of the journal sections «The Glass Art Society». One of the best works of the master has been selected to design the official poster of the Thirtieth Festival of Applied and Fine Arts, which was held in Tarpon Springs in 2004.

Nomenn stands at the center of the storm under an umbrella and holding the camera at the ready, waiting for the next lightning flash to photograph your next magical shot.

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