Dog rides scooter like human

Feb - 21 - 2012

In one of the cities of America ,Georgia locals are happy to watch an unusual sight – a dog, riding through the streets on scooters.

Briard dog named Norman first got on the scooter when he was only a few months. After that he trained for a month and now can overcome on the scooter decent distance. He stays behind the wheel on the front paws, hind foot serves as a support to the scooter and the other, as it should, it starts from the ground.

Because of its unusual ability, the dog became popular in America. Now he’s the real star of the TV show.

- When he was still a puppy, I noticed that he constantly plays with the scooter, which was lying in the yard of our house. I took him to a little ride as a passenger. Some time later, Norman began to demand new walks. So I decided to teach him to ride on his own: a few days later he went better than the preschooler – tells his owner Karen Cobb.

Dog with unusual tastes became the hero of the Internet – video, with its “departures” on the scooter is incredibly popular. Now he even has its own page on the Facebook. And recently, he took off for a morning TV show Good Morning America.

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