Elephant man in Pakistan

Jun - 4 - 2012

A young man, who has been plagued with a rare condition which left him with a giant head, feet and hands, is desperately searching for a cure so he can finally find love. Sain Mumtaz, 22, has been seriously disfigured by Proteus syndrome which has caused certain parts of his body to continue growing. He has been accepted by locals in his neighbourhood on the outskirts of Lahore, in Pakistan, but the disease has left him with ongoing medical problems and he finds it difficult to get around.

It is thought that Sain suffered from a unique variation of Proteus syndrome – which also affected ‘Elephant Man’ Joseph Merrick – because of the symmetrical deformity on his face and skull. Heartbreakingly Sian once believed his terrible affliction was a curse bestowed on him by a vengeful God, leaving him listless and depressed. But supportive friends and family have kept his spirits high and he is now determined to embrace life. Kindly locals refer to him as their ‘giant friend’ and are determined to discover a cure for Sian who in turn hopes he will meet the woman of his dreams.

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