Famine in East Africa

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Aug - 9 - 2011

As a result, the strongest in 60 years of drought in East Africa, which affected 11 million people, the United Nations for the first time in this generation has officially declared that the famine in the region. Overcrowded refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia are taking every day about three thousand people, many families run out of victims of famine and armed conflict regions. The already scarce water resources and food, supporting millions of people in the Horn of Africa, is rapidly disappearing, and families who still have the strength to go through hundreds of miles, hoping to reach the center of refugees in search of food and aid. Many simply die on the road. The authorities have warned that about 800 thousand children will die of hunger in East Africa – Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya. Charitable organizations are faced with a difficult situation: a slow response of Western African governments, terrorist groups, block access to the region, acts of terrorism and anti-terrorist laws that restrict the activities of humanitarian organizations, not to mention the scale of the current situation. Here are a few dozen photographs taken in recent weeks in East Africa.

Hungry 7-month-old baby Mahiga Gedi Farah weighing only 3.4 kg in the hands of the mother in the hospital of the International Rescue Committee in the town of Dadaab, Kenya, July 26. UN intends to send goods by air with the products affected by drought in Somalia, the path to which was blocked by rebels within two years. A lot of people are fleeing from Somalia to the so-called “path of death.” Tens of thousands of people have arrived in neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia in the hope of finding help in refugee camps. (AP Photo / Schalk van Zuydam)

Women and girls in the midst of a sandstorm going to fetch water in Wajir. A large area of ​​East Africa came under the influence of the major drought, the UN reported that in two regions of southern Somalia was formed terrible for the past 20 years, the situation of hunger. (Reuters / Jakob Dall / Danish Red Cross)

67-year-old Ibrahim Youssef Kadidzha of Somalia in a tent on the

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