Famous people who have disappeared

Aug - 25 - 2011

The American magazine “Life” paid tribute to the missing. Yes, not easy, but outstanding. In every age there are those individuals who ate the glory nourished envy, but then disappeared from sight and from the earth, as if it was not them – if you do not pay attention to all that lost time to create and teach. I am pleased to retell dear readers that deigned to find American counterparts.

Caravaggio, who was found 400 years after death

Italian officials have recently reported that with almost absolute certainty they were able to identify the remains of a great artist Caravaggio (1571 – 1610), shedding light on the mystery of the disappearance of the body. Caravaggio was not only a talented painter, but also an alcoholic brawler . In 1610 in Rome, he killed a companion in a drunken brawl, and for that artist was expelled from the city. The circumstances of his death four years later, in the seaside town of Porto Ecole is overgrown secret. They said that syphilis killed Caravaggio , or malaria, or the avenger prikonchennogo drunkard in Rome. The bones found in an old painter crypt in Porto Ecole, and identified by comparing DNA samples with the genetic material of modern descendants of Caravaggio.

Roald Amundsen, who was abducted north

Legendary Norwegian polar explorer, first reached the South Pole, and his four colleagues had disappeared from history in 1928 when the plane went to search and rescue crew wrecked airship “Italia”. Over the Barents Sea Amundsen seaplane disappeared, and was soon found on the waves of its float. The last attempt to find body Amundsen was made in 2009. Nothing worked, as before. Incidentally, the famous explorer of the ice used to say, if he wanted to die in the polar beauty. And it came to pass.

Sean Flynn, from the frying pan into a movie

Sean’s father, Errol, in the 1930s was a classic Hollywood handsome, embodied on-screen image of Captain Blood and Robin Hood. Here’s a man wearing the:

The son of a successful film actor could not succeed in the film, playing the role of the weak and disillusioned with the Hollywood fairy tale. Serving his “duty” in 10 films, Sean Flynn decided to become a freelance photojournalist, and went to war in Vietnam. His photographs were published in reputable journals “Time” and “Life”. April 6, 1970 Flynn and his colleague, Dana Stone, who traveled on a motorcycle in Cambodia. At the roadblocks they were stopped by the Khmer Rouge, and no one else on Flynn did not hear anything. Subsequently, he was allegedly seen in Mexico in the form of a bum, but it’s just a rumor.

Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Advocate

Eccentric and dark journalist and writer, founder of the genre “horror” Ambrose Bierce in 1913 wrote to his niece, whether in jest, or earnest, “If they see in Mexico, as I was standing with his back to the rock and the bullet tore me another’s in tatters, I think This is a great way to escape from this life. ” While Bierce was 71 and in his old age he, like Leo Tolstoy, went to the journey – the places of former glory. Traveled to Louisiana and Texas, and headed for the same in Mexico. Author of “The Devil’s Dictionary” was disappointed in the loss of his creative powers, and decided whether it would be.

In Mexico, another revolution was raging. Ambrose Bierce shook the old days and joined the army of Pancho Villa as an observer. The last letter from “the old gringo,” dated December 26, 1913, and more news from Beers and Bierce was not. There were rumors that he was allegedly shot by government troops in Mexico, as a writer of horror and devilry laughed executioners in the eye.

Glenn Miller, a great discovery and a great loss of music

King era big bands, trombonist Glenn Miller and His Orchestra’s 1930-40 world fascinated by such a huge hit like “Sun Valley Serenade” and “Chattanooga Choo-Choo.”

When the United States entered World War II, Miller enlisted in the army at the age of 38 years, put on shoulder straps and began to major music services. With his “Air Force Orchestra” in December 1944, the great jazz on a plane from England went to entertain the Allied troops who fought for Paris. It is said that Miller, with good use of German, was captured and killed in a brothel , where he was secretly sent to persuade the German officers to surrender. Common is less heroic version is that the plane was in a fog inadvertently shot down by their – the British bomber that dropped the bombs in unspent reserves the English Channel. To the same plane and crashed with the musicians. Glenn Miller is still listed as missing during the fighting. That is, formally, it is not among the dead. And he did forever.

Frank Morris, the genius of Alcatraz

U.S. Federal Prison on Alcatraz Island to the beginning of the 1960s was considered the most reliable. And then it was put by Frank Morris, a criminal with an amazing will to escape. In continental prisons were often able to escape to Morris, for which he was transferred to the unapproachable and a piece of land.

They say that Morris’s IQ was above 130. Approximately 133. Using the great intellect Frank with three inmates to pick open the concrete around the air vents, to disguise it by replacing the stucco. Of plaster, they also built a doll’s head, which put it under blankets in the night to escape. June 11, 1962 fugitives slipped into the vent pipe and faded from the island, using homemade inflatable life vests, made by clever Morris of raincoats. These fragments were discovered in a cold San Francisco Bay, and many believed that criminals were drowned. However, the corpses were not found, no matter how much diving divers. So, probably, Morris and his cellmate, Mr. Englinz – only people who have escaped from Alcatraz.

Michael Rockefeller, heir to the lost

With his grandfather and father of the oil baron governor of New York, Michael Rockefeller could do nothing and rely on a completely carefree future of luxury . But, if for evil, hard-working boy born with the nature of the researcher.

After graduating from Harvard, Michael Rockefeller had fled to distant New Guinea to document the wild life of the Papuans and gather up a local art museum for his father. November 18, 1961 his river boat, overloaded with trophies and grocery stores, overturned near the southern coast of Papua. Night Rockefeller and his colleague René Vassink probultyhalis holding shell boats, and in the morning Michael decided to swim to shore rather far for help. His last words were Vassinku “I think it will.” Until now, we do not know what he got, because despite a thorough search, funded by the Rockefellers, the traces of Michael on the ground or under water was not found. Maybe he’s turned into a Papuan, or swallowed whole monstrous fish ?

Harold Holt, Prime Minister of insoluble

Neither Prime Minister is immune from being dissolved in space. Harold Edward Holt managed by Australia in 1966-67, respectively. He disappeared December 17, 1967.

More power Holt loved the ocean. Prime Minister excellent swimming, diving and spear fishing. The day went missing official swim at the beach near Melbourne cheviot, swam a few minutes and disappeared in the surf, prompting most large-scale search operation in Australia’s history. Not a single trace premiere was not found. There was a version that he was captured and killed by divers from the CIA for the fact that Holt wanted to withdraw Australian troops from Vietnam. Two days later, the Prime Minister acknowledged the deceased.

Percy Fawcett, swallowed by the jungle

In 1925, British explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett went to the region of Mato Grosso, the Amazon jungle in which to find the lost city of the hypothetical “Z”, which Fawcett had read in the Brazilian historical archives.

A month after the start of the expedition Percy, his son Jack and a friend of her son lost in the jungle, and no one has seen them. In many places, travelers left “evidence”: compass somewhere, somewhere plaque with the names. One version says that Fawcett and his colleagues have killed the natives savages – for what the white men came to him in the woods without a gift. Others fantasize that he became a traveler Amazonian leader. Before sending the campaign Fawcett left a will on that no one was looking for in case of loss. But the colonel did not listen and more than 50 travelers were killed in the Amazon, trying to find Fossett. And in 1996, the Indians took another expedition to the captive and released only in exchange for all of the equipment seekers.


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