Fine delicacies

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Jul - 11 - 2011

Believe it or not these animals are often on the menu in some countries.

10th place : Meat porcupine tender and tasty. It looks like a veal and pork together,and that is uniquely displayed in the English title for the animal – PORCEPINE, where porc – pig rine – pine.

9th place : So far, there are rumors about a meat-eating sharks is poisonous. However,you can eat sharks, especially those 170 species that feed on plankton. Shark meat spoils very quickly, so it should be immediately soaked in lime juice and cooked or. Hammerhead shark – an ornament of any dinner, and one of the most delicious – a brown shark.

8th place : It is said that those who regularly eats kenguryatinoy,is less likely to get diabetes or thrombosis. Tender soft flesh, the mind resembles veal, has an original taste. Some argue that after kenguryatiny you want to jump right to the ceiling.

7th place : It is prized by gourmets ramps. Ordinary slopes are delicious, some of them reminds of shrimps; small torpedo-yummy, sandy slope, or slope of the butterfly – good; spotted hvostokol – excellent, tastes like tuna, wide-angled ramp closest to taste to the scallops, small sea ​​devils – are unusually tasty.

6th place: Leaves and stems of the lotus tastes like sorrel. Petioles as poisonous, the most important thing here – not to confuse. Nectar of the lotus is very similar to apricot – delicious.

5th place : Grilled ostrich. They say that ostrich meat so tender, the more the bird in life was running. Unsportsmanlike individual taste reminiscent of a rigid and podmetkoobraznuyu beef. A characteristic feature is an incomparable smoked ostrich flavor. Especially good with pineapple sauce, ostrich.

4th place : Rattlesnake – the dish is clearly an amateur. Such a large number of bones in the river does not even fish! Meat as such there is almost no – solid ribs and bones. So if you – not a fan of jewelry shuffling meal – no mess.

3rd place : braised crocodile. It is better to have the young crocodiles. Seniors are similar in taste to the fish smelling mud. But a crocodile steak cut from the tail, almost no cholesterol. And then, think how good it is you eat a crocodile, but it is not you.

2nd place : Black eggs. Like many other Chinese dishes, the black eggs are considered a strong aphrodisiac (a love stimulant). In fact it is – duck eggs, smeared with a mixture of ash and lime, soda, salt and water and soaked in the ground from 20 to 100 days. The blue-black small eggs is necessary, without any condiments and garnishes.

1st place : salad of jellyfish. Boiled jellyfish like a cross between seaweed and rice noodles. The abundance of spices and sauce beats true taste.

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