Freeganism – rejection of consumerism

Sep - 21 - 2011

Nowadays, more and more we see people who scavenge in garbage cans, picking what they can eat or do something with. People who collect uneaten remains of the plates in public cafes,are not uncommon. Most of them, of course,are poor. But there is this army of “waste heat” and those for whom such a gathering is just philosophy, a way of life. These people – the followers of “Freeganism”, they deny all of the existing principles of “consumer society” and essentially minimize their participation in the current economic system.

Freeganism appeared in the mid 90s of last century, as a manifestation of anti-globalization. The term “freegan” – a fusion of two English words «free» (free) and «vegan» (vegan).

Freeganism is a kind of a response to rich and affluent countries, a situation where the owner of the goods simply throws it whole,instead to do sorting out suitable products, or organize selling at discount prices.

In addition,in rich countries people often throw things, not because they had deteriorated, but because they simply went out of fashion, bored, etc. And it’s not only small items of clothing or household items.

Freeganism ideology is based on the fact that a person should consume only what he needs, and that only the necessary minimum. Also, people should try to help others.

In America and Europe’s wealthy nations shops send to landfill quite suitable products, because some samples did not pass quality control.

Through these sorts of products have already discarded it is possible to collect not only the necessary minimum quite edible products, but also much more. The same applies to industrial goods.

True follower of Freeganism digs in a landfill to get himself the minimum necessary to sustain life.

Without entering into a trade and financial relations, it seeks to deprive its part, the monetary support those corporations that are engaged in the production, transportation and sale of these goods. This is a contribution to the fight against freegan globalization.

Among themselves Freegans also do not take the cash nexus. Found things they do not sell,they trade for what they need.

Producing a livelihood, must abide by its frigana code of honor. For example, they have to dig in landfills only supermarket or apartment buildings. Landfill waste from private homes is beyond their competence.

Also, the code of honor demands that freegan necessarily removes all the garbage back into the tanks, after he dug up in landfills. If freegan finds at the dump any documents containing personal or confidential information, he should not touch them.

Movement freegans every year is gaining more and more supporters. Most common in prosperous Freeganism Sweden , USA , UK, South Korea , Brazil and Estonia .

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