Funny cooking dips that make Halloween even worse

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Oct - 26 - 2015

Preparing for Halloween, people will not only decorate the house with fake cobwebs and skeletons, but also invent treats that will scare the guests. We do not know what these culinary delights taste like, but we can say with full confidence that the guests will be horrified by their appearance.

Bite your tongue

Before I went to visit my grandmother and after

Flick, a werewolf turns into … a cat!

But this cake has the right shoes

They wanted to make a scary ghosts? You did it!

For those who do not like to mess with long cooking

It seems that these fingers were persistently hammered

During the preparation of the cake they had to drink less tequila

Even eyes fled from the man-spider

In fact not the worst option

Really creepy skeleton in the egg

Even a zombie would not have coveted

Banana mash

All in all, it was necessary to decorate rice cakes with chocolate

I would not work so

Cookies with crushed spiders

It seems someone has a bloody face

In my opinion this is the most simple dish of all

It’s not a pumpkin

Creepy cupcakes

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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