Gangs in South Africa

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Oct - 4 - 2011

Gangs in South Africa began to emerge in the 1950s during apartheid, after the first expulsion of people of color from the cities to the periphery. Forced to leave their homes and families and unable to seek help from police, people living in the neighborhood, began to organize their own defense. This led to the creation of gangs, which provided protection for the money. They also engaged in illegal alcohol sales, prostitution and car theft. It is estimated that the peninsula of Cape currently operates more than 100 gangs, comprising more than 100 thousand people.

After the end of apartheid gangs began to form alliances with Nigerian and Chinese criminal gangs for the production and distribution of heroin, Mandrax and teak (methamphetamine). Gangs sell drugs in their communes and the surrounding areas, further exacerbating the difficult situation caused by unemployment and poverty in eteh places. One of the biggest gangs operating in Cape Town, is «Americans» (because of their love for the American flag, easy money and the manner of imitating rappers). Such bands as Mongrels, Playboys, Naughty Boys, Hard Livings, Junkie Funkies and Corner Boys, periodically at war with each other in the struggle for control over territories. They have stockpiles of weapons they use. Police struggle with gangs or led to nothing, and now the gangs have become something of a subculture of South Africa. This is especially true in Cape Town, which is among the top five cities in the world by the number of murders per year are directly related to gangs.

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