Google launched a service for data storage

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Apr - 28 - 2012

Google announced the company offers customers a new service for data storage. “Google Drive” will allow for users first five gigabytes of free, while for the next 25 gigabytes will charge $ 2.49 per month, and one terabyte for $ 49.99.

For several weeks, “Google Drive” will be available to users around the world can keep photos, videos and other content. Google hopes to surpass the competition with these services is convenient tool for working with stored data.

When you first install the service “Google Drive”, you get the icons on the computer that serves just as hard-disk. “Google Drive” can be installed on multiple computers simultaneously and all files that are placed in this folder will be synchronized and on other computers. Also, users who have Android phones will be able to access these files. Registration for this service will be conducted using an existing email address.

Race with competition
In “Google Drive” invested four billion dollars. After a brief presentation of the beta version, it is expected that “Google Drive” be a real hit, as most users Google is the lack of such a service listed as the biggest drawback in using their services.

Probably the main reason for launching such a service is that cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular among common users, who keep their photos, videos and documents on the Internet. One of the most popular of these services is the “DropBox” which is supposedly “Apple” want to pay more than a billion dollars.
“Apple” was introduced late last year, icloud, exclusively intended for their users, which can store music, books, movies and applications. “Microsoft” is also such a service, which is primarily intended for companies and is not free, unlike the others.

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