Gum wall in California

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Jan - 22 - 2012

If you are squeamish and often feel disgusted, you should never walk on gum lane in California, and you should not touch the walls. These walls are covered with a thick layer of chewing gum. It is a local tourist attraction in the city of San Luis Obispo, California. The wall height is 15 feet in length, extends to 70 feet along the alley.

The history of this street is not entirely clear. It is still not known accurately, who started the tradition of sticking gum on the walls. Some historians believe that this tradition began after the Second World War, while others argue that it all started in the 1950s.

However, local residents repeatedly complained to various agencies, and the wall was several times fully cleaned in 1970, and in 1996. But some people in town consider it an art form. If you look closely, you can find here coins, and sometimes even condoms. In any case, here are actively celebrate his presence, people of all ages, each of which leaves its own contribution to the overall work.

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