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Oct - 2 - 2011

D. Gamow Panopticon, or weapon as a product of a crazy mind

Izyat in the sixth year in Lugansk … Once it was samod. caliber revolver at least 9 mm, to-ing blew the shot. Then the owner got somewhere trunk IZH-to 16-gauge and welded it to the bracket scrap drum. Fixing trunk latches (!!!). Judging by the absence of the characteristic deformation of the framework after the “restoration” of weapons, no one seems to have not encountered any special desire to practice shooting.

January morning in 2001, in a small hunting-fishing shop in Alchevsk came a strange visitor. Behind the counter was a store manager K.Roaring fire and hits went on the shelves with the goods. A woman ran in terror in the back room, trying to knock off the flame.Stranger quickly left. Makeshift flamethrower was household sprayer OP-207 “quartz” capacity of 7 liters, filled with gasoline.

The author so humorously writes … “And what if you want to make a more solid barrel, but substantially minimize labor costs? Think creatively, intently studying the creative look!After all, how about a device, tools, to-rye can “be” suitable donor parts for the future of weapons! Just imagine how many people use furniture stapler! Judging from the ugly, barrel chambered for 22 LR being manufactured by him in great haste and trembling.

“Look, what an elegant pistol has turned from a citizen who lived in a village in Mykolaiv region. Ammo .22 LR, the total length of 280 mm, barrel length 116 mm. I had a look at the hidden potential of veterinary injector humble!”

The most famous case of using the handmade pistol -, John Dillinger escaped in 1934 of the penitentiary in Crown Point, Indiana. Carved from wood by Dillinger supposedly shoe polish and painted. It is interesting that today there are at least three candidates for the role of the very plaster cast. Two of them in the photo

Removed in the Perm region. On the basis of the Soviet-syringe injector. The design is more advanced, with integrated silencer. There is a sighting device in the form of flies)

Suppose a man somehow found the combat striker bolt action rifle, the Mannlicher obr.1895 Think that is hopeless case? Wrong! Here is a free interpretation on “pen-guns.” Result – an exclusive, ammo .22 LR, smoothbore, length 217 mm, barrel length 81 mm

Barrel to the bolt box is two pieces of welded pipe. The locking mechanism – the incomprehensible occurs a tubular piece with a thickening, USM – pointed metal rod with a rubber band. And finally, the highlight, as the final stroke of the great masters, as the quintessence of uniqueness – rolled newspaper into a tube. Length 375 mm, bore diameter 21 mm (18,2-18,9 against a 12-gauge)

Withdrawn from the subject,a suspect in the Moscow metro during a special operation carried out in 94-95 . ”

12 gauge (?), 80th. For charged power trunk moves forward.

Incredible carved mi

There are only 135 known miniature boxwood carvings known to ...

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